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Dental Students Gaining Expertise through Game

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Dental Students Gaining Expertise through Game

Dental Students Gaining Expertise through Game

Recently, a video game has been introduced in the Medical College of Georgia that is being expected to transform the dental training methodologies, followed in the dental colleges of United States, and in other universities situated globally. This is an interactive simulating game that allows the dental science students to learn through entertainment and practice their skills on virtual patients. This article enumerates about this virtual training program in details.

Generally, no one will every think of fun and games in the field of dental science study. However, Roman Cibirka of Medical College of Georgia along with many associates made it possible in the most positive approach.

A Virtual Dental Implant Training application is been designed under the assistance of Dr. Cibirka. The virtual program is actually a form of video game configured to train the dental science students on dental implantation and diagnosing dental problems. On June 11, 2009, Dr. Cibirka submitted a detailed report concerning the various reviews of the training video game at Games for Health Conference, held in Boston.

Nobel Biocare donated 6.2 million dollars for the development of the video game. The gaming program is been planned to be dispatched to around 23 leading dental universities situated all around the globe. Dr. Cibirka has informed that dental training using such an innovative virtual reality program magnetizes the students to learn comprehensively in an interactive manner. This training goes beyond books and enables the students to get a practical approach.

The simulating video game enables a dental student to evaluate a patient, asking various questions, plan the treatment procedure, devise an implant and carry on the treatment in the patient's mouth virtually. The users will be able to use a variety of apparatus and tools like injections, dental equipments etc. in the simulations, in order to conduct any surgeries or implantation.

This virtual simulation is developed on the concept of learning through entertainment ideology. Dr. Cibirka has remarked that the students are already showing huge interests to play the video game. They can easily test their acquired skills of dental technology by playing this interactive video game. Animated patients have been designed in this game, so as to enable the students to get a feel of the real world scenario.

Generally the students have very little scope of practicing and honing their skills excepting the time of medical internships. But through this game all the dental science students can get a virtually real exposure of practicing their skills. Dr. Cibirka feels that classroom teaching alone cannot fully prepare the students to become successful dentists and dental surgeons in the days to come. But with this game, the students can really prepare themselves for the future.

The designers of the Virtual Dental Implant Training application are now working so as to incorporate more advancements and interactive learning methodologies in this video game. Universities from various parts of the world are also showing huge responses for introducing this game for their students.


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