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Discussion On Future Oral Health Care By Professionals

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Discussion On Future Oral Health Care By Professionals

Discussion On Future Oral Health Care By Professionals

A discussion on future oral health care by professionals was held on November 13, 2009 at Oral Summit. Various suggestions as to the future oral health care were provided by professionals accompanied by their presentation on the matter. In this discussion on future oral health care by professionals, Dr. Jack Dillenberg of Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, expressed his valuable opinions in regards to future oral health care and its present relevance.

According to him, as a person attached to a family and family to a community, the tooth, being attached to the person, is attached to the community too. In his presentation given to a hall full of dental care professionals, both dentists as well as hygienists, he demonstrated how teeth can be used to know the patient and how it can be involved the entire community.

In his presentation, Dr. Dillenberg, instead of focusing just on solving dental problems, focused on helping and teaching the students as to how people can be helped. To bolster his point, he illustrated two examples.

  • He shared his experiences about treating a woman with her face having a bruise. He suggested the attending dental care professionals that fixing her dental problems will not be enough if she is to be sent back to her abusive home from where she got the bruises and this way she will not be helped by the dentist.
  • According to him, that chances of people without legs being hired by the employers is much greater than those of people without teeth. Fixing their teeth problems can lead them to get a job and there is an intertwined way the dentist as well as hygienist can help people to stay healthy while fixing their dental problems.

Relations Between General And Oral Health

In this discussion on future oral health care by professionals, Dr. Mary Lee Conicella says that dental problems can result in death at the same time. In her presentation, Dr. Conicella, National Director of Clinical Operation, Aetna, says that there are incidences where untreated dental problems have ended up with death. To support this, she cited four examples.

  • Deamonte Driver, dieing at the age of 12 from brain abscess resulting from a dental related problem.
  • Allexander Callender, dieing at the age of 6 when a toot infection resulted in spreading of bacteria.
  • Diane Stamps dieing with a tooth infection which eventually spread to the spinal fluid and brain. She was an adult Medicaid patient.
  • A Michigan woman with gum disease, after dental benefits were removed by the state, died of blood infection in July 2009.

Looking at those incidences where dental benefits are being eliminated, Aetna, an insurance provider, adopted an innovative approach. They have run a medical and dental integration program which will identify four types of people who are not seeing a dentist recently. The four category consist of people who are pregnant, diabetic, suffering from heart disease or having cerebrovascular disease.

This discussion on future oral health care by professionals, was attended by Dr. Timothy Custer of DNA and Rose Rocha, RN from BCBS of Illinois. In their presentation made by Custer and Rocha, they demonstrated how dental problems are related to high risk medical conditions. According to them, periodontal disease or gum disease can be associated with early births, cardiovascular complication and diabetic complications. Apart from that they can also be linked with obesity or kidney disease.

Change is needed in the conception of dental disease as to its complication and results, according to them.

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