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Electronic System Of CIGNA To Help Dentist

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Electronic System Of CIGNA To Help Dentist

Electronic System Of CIGNA To Help Dentist

The newly launched electronic credential system of CIGNA has speeded up the process of joining its network of dentists for the fresh applicants. The new electronic system would save dentist offices spread across the nation to the tune of 26000 hours every year along with un-automated systems.

This new credentialing system removes the need of any paperwork and help dentists to log in electronically and also sent all the necessary information like their professional history, dental specialties, education along with license regulations over the internet. At the moment, this electronic credential system is available to PPO dentists, but would be available to HMO dentists in this fall.

There are many areas where this electronic system would come to use. One major benefit of this system is that the time required for a usual 4 hour process would be reduced to about thirty minutes in a single sitting. Another benefit is that the formal acceptance process of a dentist within the network could be done within twenty hours from the regular 4 business days. And by using the electronic system, CIGNA would help the green initiative, as over 750,000 pieces of paper would be saved each year.

According to Julie Vayer, the vice president of the dental network and products of CIGNA, the new electronic credential system was aimed to lessen the work of dentists to work with them and give them ample time to concentrate on providing treatment to patients. Dentists within the network and outside would also find it convenient to communicate with CIGNA's staff through the internet regarding information on their eligibility, claim/referral and benefits through the secured website which is meant for the health care professional.

Presently, this secured website provides money saving tools exclusively to HMO in the CIGNA network as well as PPO dentists. This makes the process more time-saving. There are also different educational courses available for free as well as discounts on many products and services.

The dental PPO within the network of CIGNA across U.S. has over 60,000 dentists in its fold who are spread over 130,000 offices across the nation and serving patients. Presently, the dental HMO network of CIGNA has 13,700 dentists who are working in over 43,500 offices present across U.S. Customers who would like to locate the in-network dentist can do so by visiting the dentist directory on mycigna.com or on cigna.com. Dentists who are interested to know about the dental network of the company for participation can do as by contacting the office of CIGNA.


CIGNA is a health service company which has branches across the world. It is actively involved in providing health and well-being as well as security of the people. The operating subsidiaries of CIGNA Corporation look toward providing an integrated network of medical, pharmacy, dental, vision care and behavioral health benefits, along with group life, disability and accident insurance to about forty-six million people across the U.S. and the world. People who have the CIGNA dental plan coverage have access to a wide network of dental HMO and dental PPO in the U.S. One can visit the company's website at www.cigna.com.


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