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FDA Reports Mercury Filling is Safe

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FDA Reports Mercury Filling is Safe

FDA Reports Mercury Filling is Safe

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported that the silver-colored dental filling that contains mercury in it is safe for the patients. The statement contradicted the earlier caution against its usage in some patients that include children and pregnant women.

Referring to an agency report of about 200 scientific researches, the FDA said that the levels of mercury released by a dental amalgam filling is not so high that it can cause harm to the patients. However, elemental mercury causes adverse effects on human being at higher levels of exposure.

Nevertheless, in the final regulations issued recently as element of the earlier official settlement, it has been said that such fillings are now considered as 'moderate risk” devices. It will include the details of the risks and advantages of these products. It will also include caution against their usage in the patients having mercury allergies or residing at inadequately ventilated areas.

Thousands of Americans have mercury fillings to fill cavities in the teeth, and FDA said that they do not advise the patients to remove them. These fillings are commonly known as amalgams. These are the combination of mercury and other metals. And, this combination at certain level has been connected to kidney and brain damage.

In the year 2006, Moms Against Mercury along with 3 other associations sued FDA to remover mercury fillings from the American market. Later in 2006, an FDA panel consisted of outside specialists said that most of people with mercury fillings will not be affected; however, more data was still needed.

Mercury, whether it is in vaccines, dental coating, fishes or other products, has been creating controversies. Some consumer associations contend that these fillings can cause plenty of health complications like Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis.

As per Urvashi Rangan, director of technical policy from the Consumer Repots, the most important element of this problem is that people are known about the adverse health effects of the heavy metals at high exposures, but it is still in question that what would be the effect at constant low level exposure to heavy metals over an entire lifetime. Urvashi's group was not a part of initial lawsuit.

However, Susan Runners, the acting director of the FDA department who looks after the dental devices said that there is no such 'causal link' present between the health problems and the amalgam fillings.

She told the reporters that even the best available scientific report supports the fact that the patient having dental amalgam filling is not at stake.


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