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Are you ready for a discount dental plan? - The pros and cons

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Are you ready for a discount dental plan? - The pros and cons

Are you ready for a discount dental plan? - The pros and cons

Nothing plagues one in the US more than the thought of rising costs. And the situation gets all the more intensified when one has to infinitely worry about health care costs. At such times anyone, even you, wishes there were a greater number of inexpensive options. And now that dental care options are rapidly expanding, your wishes might as well be standing on the brink of fulfillment, at least in this area of health care. Thatís because now its upto you to decide what you want for yourself and your family-traditional dental insurance or discount dental plans. And that one word Ďdiscountí says it all. At least that is what makes discount dental plans so popular amongst US citizens. Finding a satisfactory discount dental plan is not that difficult. But before you go for the final election you must know of the most probable pros and conís of discount dental plans.

  • No more co-payments

    If youíve always enjoyed the benefits of a traditional dental insurance you wonít know what a discount dental plan holds for you. The first specialty about a discount dental plan is that it does not the pay the participating dentist a single penny. So that means with a discount plan under your belt you can bid those co- payment days (when you had to pay the dentist separately every time you visited him) goodbye.

  • Pre-existing conditions respected

    Surprised? Must be because you never could boast of the same when you were under a conventional dental insurance. But with a discount dental plan its different. Suppose, if you signed up for the plan just to get orthodontic braces along with other benefits at a discounted price, the provider has to regard the condition when it foots eligible dental care bills.

  • No age bar

    This is something you seriously ought to be happy about. Your age has got nothing to do as far as a discount dental plan is concerned. That means you can consult any participating dentist whenever you wish.

  • No coverage during serious mishaps

    If an accident leaves most of your teeth broken, then dental insurance will readily come to your aid. The same, though, cannot be said about a discount dental plan. All that a dental plan provides you with is a discount, it doesnít cover you.

  • Services not to be found everywhere

    This is something you wonít say about dental insurance. Even if you argue that over 100, 000 providers in the US accept dental discount plans youíll still have to accept the fact that this dental care initiative has not permeated every part of the country. Things become all the more difficult because discount dental plans donít leave you with the choice to retain your dentist. Since most of these plans go low on cost, they naturally expect you to settle for less. So even if the participating dentists are not exactly to your liking you still wonít be in a position to do anything about it.

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