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Discount Dental Plans

Discount Dental Plans

Gone are the days when you could afford to be pennywise and pound foolish. Today you need to save your pounds fast. And what better way to save than going for affordable dental treatment. Traditional dental insurance, though, does not let you decide much in your own favor as far as savings are concerned. So opt for something as affordable as a discount dental plan. Now that such plans have become really popular, youíll never run short of providers. As the name suggests, these plans are tailor- made for people who want to save a great deal yet have the best possible treatment for their precious teeth. There are innumerable ways in which dental plans score over conventional dental insurance. These are just some of them -

  • They come really cheap

    Believe it or not dental plans have been able to win over supporters of traditional dental insurance with their affordable nature. For dental insurance packages, the skyís the limit for they can exceed a whopping $300 a year also! Even for the most basic dental insurance cover youíll need to pay up nothing less than $192 a year. Switch over to the dental plan figures and youíll find most individual plans not costing more than $80 and family plans not exceeding $120 in a year. That should you tell you how much you can benefit from a discount dental plan.

  • Breathe a sigh of relief! Thereís no paperwork involved

    You must have lost count of the number of times youíve gone to the dentist and the very first thing youíve had to do is to fill up lengthy claims forms and other documents demanding to know your medical history. That must be quite frustrating, isnít it? But thatís not something youíll need to face in case of discount dental plans. In fact, the only time youíll have anything to do with documentation is during plan purchase. Providers keep all other paperwork formalities out of the picture!

  • Health restriction? Whatís that?

    Thatís exactly what youíll say when you come across a discount dental plan. Unlike dental insurance, dental plan providers are much realistic and do not put unreasonable health restrictions on takers. That means whether you have a serious illness or a less- serious ailment, your discount dental plan will nevertheless work for you.

  • You neednít wait for ages

    Pleasant surprise, huh? Youíll get loads of these when you sign up for discount dental plans. As a traditional dental insurance taker you must be acquainted with long periods of waiting or your coverage to get activated. Not so anymore with dental plans. With these you can expect to have those long months of excruciating wait replaced by 3 days! Sounds good, doesnít it? The provider will come to your aid at the very first instance and within the first two days or so youíll get your discount card where youíll find all information regarding the plan ranging from the fee scheduling to the number of local dentists available for visits.


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