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Loan repayment to benefit Medicaid doctors

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Loan repayment to benefit Medicaid doctors

Loan repayment to benefit Medicaid doctors

Alarmed at the steady decline in the number of Medicaid patients being handled by dentists in the state, Texas has launched a unique scheme to increase the numbers. Under this scheme, dentists who undertake treatment of Medicaid patients may have up to $140000 of their student loan amount being paid off by the state.

The backdrop of this program was a lawsuit that was filed against the lack of basic health care services for kids from low income families under Medicaid. The program was a part of the settlement that was arrived at. Medicaid is a government program that serves the health of people with low incomes.

The applications are being handled by the Department of Health and Human Services since 1st march. Authorities expect to launch the program with the first group of beneficiaries in June. More than 80 physicians and dentists applied for the program within the first two week of its launch, and more are expected to join as the offer becomes more popular!

This initiative has been taken against the backdrop of increasing reports of reluctance on the part of health care providers to take up Medicaid patients. These measures are expected to encourage more and more health providers to take up treatment of patients under Medicaid. In order to make it more effective, the program also insists on the applicant residing in a particular area- mostly areas that are sparsely populated. The program is also the first of its kind targeting pediatricians. They are supposed to provide services to poor children for a period of four years.

The program is to be funded by the legislature with an amount of $150 million and is expected to cover over 300 dentists and physicians in a year. It is expected that certain localities are to be assigned special priority for these programs. Under the programs, loan amounts of up to $140000 may be repaid. These repayments are to take place over a period of four years.

A number of dentists and physicians are quite excited at the offer. Many of these dentists find the loans they had taken to be a huge burden in the immediate years following their graduation. Most of these students are eager about serving poor children in return for a payment of these loans. Some students have up to $160000 in loans, even before they graduate form medical school. The program is meant to benefit this group.

This is potentially a win- win situation for everybody. The kids get all the medical attention they need, while the students may serve them without thinking about the extra income they could have earned by attending patients with private health care plans. It is true that private health insurance pays these dentists almost threefold of what they get for a Medicaid patient.

The program is expected to be successful because it benefits both the patients and the dentists.

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