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Minnesota Delta Dental Declares its New President

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Minnesota Delta Dental Declares its New President

Minnesota Delta Dental Declares its New President

Minnesota's Delta Dental has elected its new president. It is being expected that the new president will help in the revitalization of the company's oral care services to the people and the health communities of the state. This article sums up the report.

Minnesota's Delta Dental proclaimed about the inclusion of David B. Morse as a new associate in its Board of Directors and the new president of the organization.

In the year 1998 Morse started working in the company as a permanent legal advisor. Earlier to this, Morse joined the company's external legal advisory board, mainly with the law company Best and Flanagan. Here, he was appointed as one of the managing associate and became a part of the Management Committee of the company.

The Delta Dental is operating for at least 4 decades and is offering quality dental care services to all the people residing at Minnesota. Morse acknowledged the company's reputation and also vowed to maintain and improve its levels of oral care treatments and services.

Delta Dental provides exceptional dental benefits to all the health communities of Minnesota. Not only this, it also takes active participation in spreading dental care education, awareness of oral diseases and its preventive measures. In addition to this, the company offers access to a huge network of dentists to other companies, employer unions, beneficiaries of government-funded state health insurance plans and also to individuals.

John Somrock, who chairs the Delta Dental Inc. at Minnesota, prefers Morse as the deserving person to preside the company, at the time when the current market trends are transforming. It is being expected that the new president of the company will take active initiative in expanding the quality of oral care services to the people and thus enhancing the standards of dental care as received by the state.

Minnesota's Delta Dental is a not-for profit organization dedicated to offer oral care services to the citizens of the state. The company was launched in the year 1969 and from that time it is working to support its mission of improving quality of dental care services. It also offers a large variety of quality dental care plans at a very reasonable price, so that the people face no problem to afford them and can get guaranteed oral treatment services from certified dentists.

Delta Dental also offers its helping hand to various dental schools, universities and dental care communities in launching dental care programs and mobile dental clinics. For this it donates a huge sum of money every year. The company also aids in setting up dental clinics in the rural areas of the state, where there is dearth of dentists for the needy patients.

The company is located at Eagan at Minnesota and serves around 3.4 million customers. The company is a subsidiary unit of Delta Dental Plans Association. Additional information about the company's services and plans, operations, clientele etc. is available in the official website of the company at www.deltadentalmn.org.

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