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Mobile Dental Chamber Draws Porterville Resident Home

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Mobile Dental Chamber Draws Porterville Resident Home

Mobile Dental Chamber Draws Porterville Resident Home

It is through the help of a mobile clinic that a dental student is able to visit his native land luckily. This article reports the news along with other details that is attached with the news.

A Porterville resident returned to his home in the Valley in the last week of May, 2009 in order to gain knowledge concerning his profession, in addition to improving the condition of around hundred children. Chad Gibson, studying in University of Southern California Dental Science Center to become a dentist, after the successful completion of his studies.

A mobile dental chamber, set up from May 22, 2009 and is treating the children of the Goshen Elementary School, is perhaps the main reason that has made Gibson to return to his native land.

Gibson and his batch mates who are now the seniors of the college are presently engaged in the process of succession of classes from the graduating seniors. From next year, Gibson and his batch mates will be treating the patients in the mobile dental chambers, and so they are now learning from their seniors and other dentists, about the basics of offering dental treatment and care to the patients.

During this recent internship program of Gibson, he visited Fresno State, Burton Middle, Monache High and Oak Grove Elementary Schools and then went out for USC.

The mobile dental chamber travels in various places and the dental students will have to go to that place only in order to practice. The place of practice is however not set depending on the choice of the students. But this time Gibson was lucky as the chamber was set up in his native place. Since, Gibson was a native of that place; it became easy for the other students and dentists in their treatment operations at Porterville.

Through the aid of the mobile clinic, Gibson learnt many things such as conducting various types of fillings, gum extractions, sealing, fluoride operations etc. Besides that he also got a detailed knowledge on complete oral care and prevention of dental diseases.

The chief objective behind setting up such a mobile dental chamber is not only to offer practical training to the students, so that they can efficiently practice dentistry after they pass out from the college, but also to allow the patients living in the counties and rural areas to access standard dental care, which is in fact denied to them.

Generally, the mobile dental chamber attends about 1,300-1,400 patients in every educational year. About hundred patients from each health community (13-14 communities in total) are being treated by these clinics. This comes to around 5,000 dental care visits in every year.

The mobile dental chamber involves a 10-day program and the expenses incurred is anything around 52,000-57,000 dollars. This sum of money is funded through the aid of alliance, bonds, subsidies, and monetary contributions. Not only this, but there are many organizations that offer donations to fund the dental care program.

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