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Professionals Warn Against Withholding Dental Care

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Professionals Warn Against Withholding Dental Care

Professionals Warn Against Withholding Dental Care

In a time, when loss of health insurance is a common phenomenon, visiting to some specific specialists are being considered with less or no priority. For example, in case of routine visit to a dentist, most people consider these visits of less priority compared to that of others. In these circumstances, dental professionals warn against withholding dental care, as they say that this postponement will result in more serious problems in the future which will be at the same time much costlier.

As professionals warn against withholding dental care, to tackle this trend of ignoring dental care, several programs are being carried on. People, who have no health insurance or jobs, are going to be benefited from these specially designed programs. A recent U.S. Census Bureau report outlines the number of people with no insurance. According to this census, in 2008, 47 millions of Americans, amounting to nearly 20 percent of American population of an age of less than 65, are having no health insurance.

Smiles on Wheels is one of those programs in Jackson designated to help the people who are having no routine dental care through a dentist. According to Betsy Southern, a dental hygienist, it is supposed to be a facility like a dental home for these people. This program, being operated out of Health Department of Jackson County, travels to different schools as well as nursing homes. At the same time preventative care are being provided by them such as cleaning, sealants, fluoride, X-rays etc. The team consists of three dental hygienists. Apart from accepting Medicaid for children, they are treating the adult patients at reduced fees. As professionals warn against withholding dental care, more and more people are coming to Smiles on Wheels, according to Betsy Southern.

Smiles on Wheels

Smiles on Wheels is being operated under the allowance provisioned in Public Act 161. By virtue of this act, preventive oral healthcare can be provided by the dental hygienists to provide dental care without a prior authorization given by a dentist. These dental hygienists must be approved by the Michigan Department of Community Health. A grant has been given by the state to Smiles on Wheels so that sealants can be provided to the students of first, second, sixth and seventh grade free of cost. To carry out this program, one or two schools are covered every week by Smiles on Wheels.

As professionals warn against withholding dental care, Dr Jane Grover, emphasizes on regular dental cleaning. Dr. Grover, who is the director of Center for Family Health in Jackson, says that this should be practiced by everyone including those who are having no insurance. According to the dental health, the dentist determines the frequency of routine visits. How often one should see the dentist may be from three months to one year.

Disease of Gum Or Periodontal Disease

Ignoring dental health results in gum disease or periodontal disease as well as tooth decay, posed as the biggest risks for maintaining dental health. Periodontal disease is defined as the infection of the gum which holds the teeth. This disease is further classified, according to their severity, into gingivitis and periodontitis.

Maintaining a good dental health

To keep the teeth and gum healthy, American Dental Association has made some guidelines:

  • Brushing the teeth twice a day: This removes the film of bacteria from the teeth. Soft-bristled toothbrush should be used along with toothpaste and fluoride containing mouth rinsing product to keep away teeth decay.
  • Consuming a balanced diet.
  • Maintaining routine check up with the dentist.

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