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Richmond Children Learn Proper Brushing from Dinosaur

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Richmond Children Learn Proper Brushing from Dinosaur

Richmond Children Learn Proper Brushing from Dinosaur

Dinosaur might pass T.T for a squirrel, however there is no mistake regarding pearly white teeth.

At Robert L. Taylor Child-care Center in the East End of Richmond, a program that was organized to demonstrate proper teeth brushing process to almost 100 pre-schoolers. A purple and orange stuffed dummy dinosaur was created and used for the demonstration.

The Friends Association for Children that operated this center arranged the Dental Day in association with Capital Area Health Network prior to Live Healthy Block Party.

The entire event continued for 5 hours and offered activities and food as well as health and dental screenings for the children and the adults. A dental cleaning program was also offered at free of cost to the children.

Marlenne Silva, the marketing assistant for the health network, at the beginning read aloud a book written by Tony Dungy, the retired NFL coach, and then took the help of a toothy dinosaur along with a jumbo yellow toothbrush for showing the children of 2 to 4 years of age how to maintain the teeth and to keep the gums and teeth healthy.

She instructed “Small Circles” as the tiny tots copied her activities by rubbing their tiny fingers against their tiny teeth.

After that, Silva recalled she was inspired seeing that the kids appeared keen regarding brushing their teeth with their family members. But bad luck, one kid insisted that T.T was in fact a squirrel. And, Silva responded that has he ever seen purple squirrel.

As a part of the Dental Day, the kids also had a tour across the Vernon J. Harris Medical Center in order to easing their fear as a patient. The entire event was created to complement other activities by non-profit Friends Association for Children and their motto to have kids ready and healthy to learn while they go into school.

Shellie Smith, the director of development of the agency said that their goal is providing kids a chance to become kindergarten-friendly.

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