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Sports Drinks May Harm Teeth

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Sports Drinks May Harm Teeth

Sports Drinks May Harm Teeth

Are you grabbing that sports drink to rehydrate your system after a workout? Beware; you may be wrecking havoc on your teeth. Recent researches have shown that prolonged consumption of sports drinks or other acidic drinks could lead to erosion of the teeth. The study was presented at the International Association for Dental Research situated in Miami.

New research also proves that these drinks are acidic and may pose a grave danger to teeth. The chairman and professor of the department of cardiology and comprehensive care, mark Wolff, immersed cow teeth in water and the top selling brand of sports drink to gauge the effect of these drinks on teeth. These drinks included vitamin water, powerade, Gatorade and Life Water. After the teeth have been soaked for around 75 to 90 minutes, it was found that that they could damage the teeth enamel after prolonged use. The soaking was done so that the exact process of repeated use could be understood.

Earlier studies found that sports drinks can cause a lot of damage to tooth enamel. This is often more than that caused by soda. This takes place due to a combination of sugars, acidic components and additives. This research was done to specifically to find out the effects of sports drinks on the teeth. The effects were examined on dentin, the tissue that is found under the tooth enamel.

All the sports drinks that were tested reported damage to the teeth in some way or the other. Among these, Gatorade and powerade resulted in significant staining. The effects of the drinks were observed on teeth that were cut in half to reveal the dentin inside.

Any beverage that contains a high amount of acid can damage the tooth enamel. Sports drinks in particular, are highly acidic in nature and can have far reaching consequences. When these become part of a cold drink, they can stain the teeth and erode the dentine inside if the roots are exposed.

What’s more, the high acid content of the drink makes the teeth more susceptible to bacterial attacks. Bacteria can sneak into the crevices and cracks of the teeth and the sugar damages the teeth even more. What makes the sports drinks even more harmful is that there is both sugar and acid in the drinks. The combination causes greater damage to the teeth.

Wolff says that a sports drink should not be a regular beverage that you consume. It is especially important for youngsters to avoid these drinks. The group that should be especially careful is the teenagers and the school going kids. This is because most of the children carry these to school.

However, there are others who believe that these reports cannot be based upon because they were performed on extracted teeth.

One way of avoiding these damages is to use a straw or to avoid sipping on them. If you have to take them, take them at once, instead of sipping on them continuously.


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