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State Budget Cuts Hit Dental Assistance For Underprivileged

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State Budget Cuts Hit Dental Assistance For Underprivileged

State Budget Cuts Hit Dental Assistance For Underprivileged

As victims of state cuts, many poor people, almost 118,750 Alameda County adults as well as over 3 million Californians lost their dental coverage in Jul, 2009; as reported by the State Oral Health Access Council. However, some of them were allowed for some more treatment since they have pre-existing conditions.

30 years old Alice, a resident of Fremont earns $9 per hour along with tips for waitressing, but she gets no healthcare coverage from that full time job. She is willing to save some money here and there for dental checkups even with no health insurance. However, as a single mother it's not that much easy for her.

She said that she will do her best, but as she has a daughter, she will get priority.

In order to help clients like her, Tri-City Health Center, a Fremont-oriented nonprofit organization that offers healthcare services to the low-income as well as uninsured consumers, has designed a tax-deductible charity fund to pay for the dental treatments of the adults. In other hand, Medi-Cal keeps on covering dental work for the pregnant women and the children.

The health center predicts scheduling almost 1,360 less dental appointments in this financial year. However, the staffs hope that because of the donations, number of patients averted will be decreased.

Kathy Lievre, CEO of the center said that the government is not doing its duty. It would become the responsibility of the entire community to pitch in and ensure the neighbors, the co-workers.

She added that the state is pound-foolish and sparing. Reducing preventive dental care denotes that the taxpayers have to pay more as the result of people wanting dental care in the emergency rooms of the hospitals.

In the year 2007, almost 3,000 residents from Alameda County looked for urgent treatment for their dental problems that would have been prevented, as reported by the California HealthCare Foundation.

Mostafa Barakzoy, a dentist who treats the patients referred by the Tri-City Health Center said that his staffs have to turn aside 25% to 30% patients they usually visit, since they do not have coverage under Medi-Cal anymore.

He said they knew that it will happen one day or another, but when it actually happens, it is very tough to bear with.

The patients are worried about their loss of the dental coverage, but they also know that their untreated dental problems may cause some severe health issues. And, these health issues can be anything such as ear and sinus infections, weakened immunity system, and cardiac or pulmonary diseases.

People are concerned about oral diseases since they can start disturbing other important parts of the body. They are also worried about losing their medical benefits.

If you want to donate to the adult dental fund at Tri-City Health Center, you can visit the official website of the health center; or call at 510-252-5883.

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