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The Affordable Rates Of Universal Dental Plan

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The Affordable Rates Of Universal Dental Plan

The Affordable Rates Of Universal Dental Plan

There is good news for the nonprofits of Massachusetts. Universal Benefit Plans along with its ancillary company Universal Dental Plan have brought out an outreach partnership that will help the employees of non-profit Massachusetts with cost effective dental insurance in addition to the Universal Benefit Plans. The human resources and as well as the benefit management technology of Universal Dental Plan are a great source of peace to the employers. The employees get benefits of Universal Dental Plan and know that they can get all their benefit information by using one password at a single location.

There are about 11 million people working in the non-profit sector who face the uncertainty of losing their job as organizations they work with are unable to provide health insurance benefits to all of them. If organizations cut benefits to their employees, it is the voluntary benefits as well as dental insurance that are at the forefront to be axed. This makes it important for the non-profit employees without group dental plan to get immensely benefitted from the local dental care units of Universal Dental Plan. The best thing about the plan is the affordable rates.

Benefits of Universal Dental Plan

It needs highlighting here that the Universal Dental Plan acts as dental insurance alternative. Members get discounts on different dental procedures as their membership card is shown. Members get access to the network of dentists of Universal Dental Plan who are spread across 160 different locations. There is a guaranteed discount available on all the procedures and is between 20 to 50 percent.

The Massachusetts non-profits can help their employees save a good amount of money and stop employee absences as a result of dental emergencies by providing Universal Dental Plan. The US Surgeon General Report says that about 168 million working hours are lost as a result of different dental conditions. The report also says that there is an annual spending of 64 billion dollars on dental care. Employees having affordable preventive dental care will find it easy to cure diseases of teeth. This will also result in stopping many acute systemic illnesses of the mouth and boost the health of the employees. Persons with periodontal disease are at a greater risk of heart attack as well as stroke. This makes it important for regular dental check-ups for early detection and treatment of the diseases.

Universal Dental Plan has a wide network of dentists and specialists present across Massachusetts. The dental plan has its headquarter in Boston that began its operation in 1993 for providing affordable dentistry to all the residents.


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