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The Just Kids Dental Care program

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The Just Kids Dental Care program

The Just Kids Dental Care program

The Just Kids Dental Care program was created in 2006. The main aim of the program is to provide quality preventive dental care to children who would otherwise go without it. This program is basically meant for children belonging to families of people on Medicaid. It also includes children who are uninsured, though they have to meet some financial criteria.

The program started in 2006 with only 194 children. It increased to around 1890children in 2008.the program is all set to extend its provisions to the Washington Elementary school and The Cloquet Middle School. The last week of May will see a flurry of activity when basic dental health education together with preventive care will be provided to children whose parents are on Medicaid and have signed a form agreeing to these provisions.

The visit which will be around 20 minutes in duration will start off with an idea on how to maintain basic dental health. Information will be provided on fluoride treatments and the use of sealants to help protect the teeth. The kids will go away with gifts comprising toothpaste, toothbrush and other gifts.

According to the authorities, the main aim of the program is to provide quality dental care to families who cannot afford it. The program, they believe, is especially relevant for those parents who do not have the time or the transportation needed to take their kid for regular checkups. It is also advantageous for the schools because they do not have to increase their budgets to accommodate these programs. All that is required is a small space where the people can work and a nurse to help with the proceedings.

The authorities hope to expand the program to include more children by fall next year. In order to get this done, help is needed from community non profit centers and other health institutions. This would help in bringing down the operational costs of the program.

The program will be distributing forms for registration from the school offices and will be available from the school nurse. Interested people can get information from school, letters. The program authorities aim to make the program a regular one during fall and spring. They plan to check the sealants applied and to reapply fluoride treatments. Once the parents provide their consent through the forms, their children will be enrolled in this ongoing program.

Efforts are also on to become affiliates with organizations such as United Way. This would help in providing quality dental care at an affordable cost to most residents.


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