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Baby Boomers are Less Able Doing Chores

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Baby Boomers are Less Able Doing Chores

Baby Boomers are Less Able Doing Chores

Recent U.S. studies have found that baby boomers are less able doing chores. They are more probable to have troubles than their parents to move around as they grow older.

The researchers have noticed after studying on disabilities among different age groups that baby boomers are less able doing chores. They have seen that people at the age of 60 are having more problems in doing daily works than the people at 70.

Mounting rates of obesity supports the fact. More than 30% of the total population of America is suffering from either overweight or obesity. The baby boomers are less able doing chores.

Dr. Arun Karmangla from the University of California, LA said that having more weight will let you wear out the joints faster; as a result you will have more disability. Undoubtedly, there is obesity epidemic. Karmangla's study was published on American Journal of Public Health.

The researchers considered the data collected from the national study of health and nutrition and observed how the disability has changed for the adults at their 60s, 70s and 80s.

For disabilities, they considered basic daily activities such as:

  • Going to toilet, getting out of the bed and doing daily household works.

And, for mobility they considered:

  • Climbing the stairs or walking in community.

They looked at the functional limitations such as:

  • Being able to kneel, crouch or bend over to picking something up.

They revealed that between the years 1988 and 1999, disabilities among the people who are in their 60s raised by 40% to 70% in every area studied excluding the functional limitations. The situation was worse among the people who were overweight or obese.

They found no important changes among the people at age of 70 to 79; and the people at 80s had less functional limitations.

Dr. Karmangla said that the people with challenges to do household activities would not be immediate drain on the health care; however they may wind up requiring nursing-home care faster than others.

According to Teresa Seeman from UCLA, if such trend goes on unchecked, it will increase pressure on the society for taking care of the disable people.

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