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Eagle Scout Project for Redistributing Clinical Equipments

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Eagle Scout Project for Redistributing Clinical Equipments

Eagle Scout Project for Redistributing Clinical Equipments

The Boy Scout Cole Wedding's project for redistributing medical equipments is not a small responsibility.

A 15-year old boy scout Cole Weddings, who is a sophomore-to-be at the Daviess County High School, is interested to take the donated clinical equipments like wheelchairs, canes and walkers from 7 counties- renovate and clean the equipments and finally give out to the individuals who require them.

Weddings said that at this time of financial downtrends, the aged individuals may face problems to buy everything and need a break. So, he thought to do something to help them and to let them save on buying expensive medical equipments.

Boy scouts should finish a community serving project for being awarded as an Eagle Scout.

Cole talked to several communities on aging in the Owensboro area and got their cordial approval. He also got approval from Bill Wedding, the St. Pius Boy Scout Troop 120 scoutmaster, who is Cole's uncle too.

Glenda, Cole's mother, who worked with the senior people at Green River Area Development District, helped him to arrive at this idea.

According to Jim Wedding, Cole's father, this project is so useful and can somehow help the entire community. He is expecting to have good quantity equipments donated. Some of them are not worth of repair but he is hopeful about getting help from Poole's pharmacy.

Eagle Scout project is aiming to reveal leadership expertise of the Boy Scout as well as not to impose something fully on their shoulder. Cole shows his leadership skills in designing the project along with its execution and completion, but he has to apply elbow grease to some extend.

Cole also contacted the Scout troops in the surrounding counties to get their help in gathering donated equipments, keeping them at the senior centers for picking up.

Cole along with his brothers Jacob and Austin, who are in Troop 120- and other Scouts picked up the products and took them to Cole's house for fixing and cleaning.

The equipments then returned back to the senior centers to redistribute.

It entirely depends on the condition of the equipments and they did whatever needed accordingly, as said by Cole.

He already had a fundraiser who collected $76 to repair the materials and expects one more such fundraiser to raise at least $550 more; since some repairs are expensive.

Jim Wedding said that if they have something that is power-driven, they may need some experienced leaders to evaluate them, instead of allowing the children to evaluate them.

Jiten Shah, the executive director for GRADD said that they are proud of Cole's project of helping aged people. He is happy to see that the young boys are coming forward to help the senior and often forgotten residents to improve the quality of their life.

The project intensely represents the characteristics of Green River region; their spirits of letting the neighbors lead healthy and happy life. And, especially in this time of recession, this project can go the best; since many of the low-income aged citizens from across the area would get essential medical equipments as a positive outcome of Wedding's project, as said by Shah.

If anybody is interested to donate any equipment, they can contact at the below-mentioned addresses:

  • Hancock County Senior Center, 315 Ridgewood Drive, Hawesville.
  • Elizabeth Munday Center, 1650 W. Second St.
  • Poole's Pharmacy, 311 Henton St., Livermore.
  • Poole's Pharmacy, 2200 E. Parrish Ave.
  • Webster County Senior Center, E. Leiper St., Dixon.
  • Ohio County Senior Center, 2320 Kentucky 69 North, Hartford.
  • The Gathering Place, 1817 N. Elm St., Henderson.
  • Union County Senior Center, 704 W. Main St., Morganfield.
  • McLean County Senior Center, 875 Walnut St., Calhoun.

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