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EAIG and MBA Together Launch Employees Compensation Program

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EAIG and MBA Together Launch Employees Compensation Program

EAIG and MBA Together Launch Employees Compensation Program

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group or EAIG is partnered with Manufacturers & Business Association or MBA and has launched an all new employees' compensation program- 'The Program' for the members of MBA. EAIG is an Eastern Insurance Holdings, Inc. group of companies traded on NASDAQ as EIHI.

EAIG will act as a sponsor for this Program. The Program is designed to offer the MBA members customized group employees' compensation insurance services and products. Manufacturers & Business Association is a professional organization of the employers with membership consisted of nonprofit organizations and commercial services along with industrial members.

Michael Boguski, the CEO and president at EIHI said that they are very much happy to be partnered with MBA, the greatest American association of its kind. They believe their focus on risk and claims administration, industry's top medical expense management devices and return-to-work schemes would help MBA membership.

Ralph Pontillo, the president for MBA said that his company is dedicated to help its members reducing the cost of continuing business wherever and whenever feasible. MBA's excellent partnership is committed to offer a group dividend employees' compensation program which would lower the claims costs and help the employees return to their work sooner. He added that EAIG ParallelPay, a 'pay-as-you-go' program also defends companies' cash flow even in a tough economy.

Employers who are interested in The Program may contact EAIG for a comprehensive list of independent insurance brokers representing EAIG in respective locality.

EAIG is an industry-leading provider of employees' compensation services and products to the employers and self-insured consumers. Founded in 1997, EAIG is an Eastern Insurance Holdings, Inc. group of companies, which is publicly traded in NASDAQ as EIHI. EIHI has provincial offices in North Carolina, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Lancaster, Indiana and Pennsylvania. EAIG's official website is www.eains.com.

The MBA is country's leading provider of information and services to over 4,500 fellow member businesses situated in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Founded in 1905, Manufacturers & Business Association is headquartered at Erie, Pennsylvania. The official website of MBA is www.mbausa.org.

Forward Looking Statements

Some statements mentioned in the above press-release are “forward looking statements” as explained in Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. You can spot such statements by terms like “plan”, “expect”, “predict”, "anticipate", "may", “will", “should”, “potential”, “continue”, “anticipate”, “project”, “expect”, or “believe”, the negative of such terminology. These statements are based on personal opinions and estimation of management during the time the statements were made. And, so the facts are subject to uncertainties and risks which could cause the actual result to fluctuate from those predicted in these statements. So, this is not possible to give any assurance that the management's projections, beliefs or expectations will be accomplished or achieved. Some factors like the unsure effects of rising claim and coverage matters on the business, the fact that the anticipated loss are on the basis of company's estimates and might be insufficient to cover the original loss; a disability to get or accumulate on reinsurance security, a downgrade rating of the company's insurance subsidiaries by the A.M. Best; a failure to understand companies' investment objects, the effect of widespread directive of the insurance market as well as legislative and authoritarian alterations; geographic concentration of the company's business, the impact of extreme competition, incapability to get hold of extra capital on good terms; loss of principal workers, the impact of war or terrorism and failure of independent agents to effectively market company's products.

Further information about the above-mentioned and other issues that probably can influence the company's financial outcomes is available on Form S-1 Registration Statement which is filed under United States Securities and Exchange Commission and other filings with United States U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Readers are warned to not to rely on such forward-looking statements. These are spoken as of the date of this press release and company is not undertaking any liabilities to update them. Moreover, the release does not constitute any sellable offer. This is also not a solicitation of any offer for buying EIHI stocks. Such offers are only made through a prospectus.


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