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Heritage Summit HealthCare Partnered with Mayo Clinic

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Heritage Summit HealthCare Partnered with Mayo Clinic

Heritage Summit HealthCare Partnered with Mayo Clinic

Heritage Summit HealthCare Inc. has added the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL to its present network of providers for employees' compensation care. For Mayo Clinic, this agreement with the Heritage Summit HealthCare is the first one of its kind. Heritage is a fully owned subsidiary of Summit Consulting Inc. Florida's leading employees' compensation provider.

Injured employees insured by the Summit-managed providers now can access complete clinical procedures and specialized medical experts for which Mayo Clinic is globally known.

Jeff Hinson, the vice president of Medical Claims for Summit said that they are excited about having Mayo Clinic to their provider network. Mayo is a reputed name in providing standard treatment and innovative research that is ideal for managing complicated workplace injuries. And, having Mayo to their network would strengthen their operation in Duval County as well as the entire territory of their business.

Mayo Clinic's committed employees' compensation care program in Jacksonville is directed by Robert M. Chapa, M.D., a leading name in Florida's employees' compensation medical society. Mayo's Workers' Compensation Specialty Care Program is basically an integrated approach to healthcare with the patients that have access to a multi-disciplinary group of experts prepared to recognize and treat the most complex workplace injuries.

Dr. Chapa said they are happy that Heritage Summit HealthCare has identified Mayo Clinic's skill with respect to integrated healthcare and look forward to work with their consumers. And, their dedication to standard healthcare means the patients will get a quick and perfect diagnosis that will help both employee and employer to save money and time.

In FL, Heritage Summit HealthCare operates its business as a controlled-care management for the workers' compensation. That means, the companies covered with Summit-administered providers send the injured employees to doctors and conveniences within network of Heritage. The company assures standard healthcare by allowing only medical carriers and services that have passed though a thorough credentialing test. Heritage undergoes agreements with almost 4,500 physicians, clinics, hospitals and ancillary specialty facilities in FL.

An Overview on Summit HealthCare, Inc.

Heritage Summit HealthCare employees compensation provider network has over 16,000 hospitals, doctors, auxiliary specialty services all across the southeast. The participating doctors have rich credentials along with knowledge of work-related injuries. Some of them are certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Heritage network is offered to the companies that are covered through Summit-managed providers in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Mississippi.

An Overview on Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is the globally known integrated, non-profit group practice which is the first and the largest of its kind. Physicians from all medical specialties work jointly to take care for the patients connected through common systems. They believe in the philosophy of “the needs of the patient come first.” Over 3,300 doctors, researchers and scientists as well as almost associated healthcare staffs work jointly at Mayo Clinic that has been providing complete hospital and outdoor patents services at all the key locations like Jacksonville, Fla.; Rochester, Minn.; Ariz, Scottsdale. At every location, medical practice is intimately associated with superior education and research program. Jointly, these three places treat over half a million individuals every year.

An Overview on Summit

Summit is the parent corporation of Heritage Summit HealthCare Inc., which administers providers that offer employees' compensation products and facilities to over 45,000 companies in various states such as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi. Headquartered in Lakeland, FL and having other offices in Gainesville, GA and Baton Rouge, LA. Summit includes Summit Consulting Inc. and its subsidized companies. Summit is privileged part of Liberty Mutual Agency Markets, a unit of Liberty Mutual Group consisted of casualty, property and specialty insurance providers that sells their services and insurance products mainly though independent insurance agents.


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