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Improved Workplace Injury Comeback from Sedgwick CMS

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Improved Workplace Injury Comeback from Sedgwick CMS

Improved Workplace Injury Comeback from Sedgwick CMS

Sedgwick CMS clinical consultation service develops its workplace injury comeback. Recently, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. or Sedgwick CMS has started a medical consultation service for its employees' compensation claims management consumers as an elective program development. Telephonic nurse triage services make eligible medical management accessible to the employees who suffer from occupational injuries, irrespective of the time and place the accident happens.

The Sedgwick CMS clinical consultation program helps the companies, workers and supervisors similarly:

  • Companies comprehend that savings in entire employees' compensation expenses as well as worker relations advantages from the early participation of nurses in the effective facilitation of proper care.
  • Injured employees realize guarantee and enhanced medical results from having in-time and gentle help in determining the perfect level of medical treatment for their condition.
  • Supervisors who have less medical skill are comforted from the pressure of making treatment references by obtaining a professional consultative resource which also incorporates easily; on the basis of company elections, with employees compensation claims coverage method.

Medical session gets started as early as an employee notifies an injury to the supervisor. The supervisor along with the respective worker calls Sedgwick CMS Clinical Consultation Center and talk directly to a licensed nurse. Then the worker privately continue the session with that nurse, who assesses the injured staff's medical status, advises immediate medical actions ranging from simple first aid to emergency care, and after recommending, makes appointment with a pre-eligible network of medical caregivers in that employee's locality. With permission of the respective injured worker, the nurse shares his medical information from previously held medical session with the medical caregiver to accelerate the treatment during the appointment.

This medical consultation method reduces the chance of delayed care or ensures that severe conditions would not go unidentified. This consultation process also helps by recognizing substitutes to needless emergency room visits and expensive over-treatment of trivial injuries.

Teresa Bartlett, M.D, medical director for Sedgwick CMS said that they have already applied such clinical session for several clients and got very positive outcomes. According to Teresa, this consultation process has made difference to both the employers and employees in critical initial phases of medical response by means of quick and proper treatment and recommendations. And, they believe that it also sets up affirmative mood for communications all through the employees' compensation method which reinforces a communal focus on healthy revival.

Sedgwick CMS Clinical Consultation Center runs its round-the-clock 24x7 operation from its offices in Memphis, Texas and San Antonio, Tennessee.

An overview on Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.

The company is one of the leading North American providers of unique claims and productivity administration solutions. Sedgwick claims management services along with its associated companies offer lucrative claims management, clinical management as well as risk management and related services to its consumers through over 6,000 colleagues in 150 offices in both the U.S. and Canada. Sedgwick CMS specializes in employees' compensation, FMLA and other worker absence, disability; automobile, general and professional liability and credit card claims and warranty services. The company and its affiliates create and apply customized programs on the basis of evidenced practices that meet clients' expectations. For more information, you can visit


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