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New Voluntary Capabilities by Employee Benefits

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New Voluntary Capabilities by Employee Benefits

New Voluntary Capabilities by Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits, the nationwide provider of disability and life insurance and dental coverage recently announced formation of a new administrative services section which is going to begin its operations in Seattle, WA.

The department was created with attainment of specific capabilities along with technology resources and workers of a Seattle-oriented Third Party Administrator or TPA, Administrative Systems, Inc., with the help of which Employee Benefits worked intimately since the year 2003. Adding such capabilities as a new section within Employee Benefits hugely improves company's managerial platform in employee-paid voluntary benefit industry.

John Roberts, the CEO and president of Employee Benefits said that this announcement of formation of a new Administrative Services department is an instance of company's continuing keenness to strengthen its position in the voluntary employee benefits market.

An Overview on Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits is a specialized name in the nation's quality employee benefits and services that may include short term as well as long-term disability, life and accidental death, dental coverage, dismemberment insurance along with disability reinsurance management service. The company also provides employee-paid voluntary disability, dental and life insurance policies. Services and products offered by Employee Benefits are endorsed or provided by the Union Security Ins. Co. or by one of the affiliated prepaid dental companies.

In NY, group insurance services and products are offered by Employee Benefits and endorsed by Union Security Life Ins. Co. of NY which is registered within New York and headquartered at Syracuse, NY. Plans offered by the company are associated with restrictions and exclusions. Endorsement flexibility lets Employee Benefits market customized benefit policies for the groups of any size. Employee Benefits is situated at Kansas City, Missouri.

Employee Benefits is an group of companies which is a leading carrier of specially designed insurance services and products within North America and in specific overseas market. The company's four major businesses are Specialty Property, Health, Solutions and Employee Benefits. The businesses are partnered with the clients that are leaders in their respective industry and have established leading position in specialty insurance markets throughout the world.


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