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Newborn and Parenting Resources

Newborn and Parenting Resources

Life and Disability companies affiliated by WellPoint have recently announced Newborn and Parenting Resources. The service is specifically designed to help the new moms to get adjusted to their newly born baby as well as returned to the work following a long maternity leave. These recourses are available to every new as well as in-force short-term disability indemnity plans offered by the affiliates.

Newborn and Parenting Resources are eight weeks of free of cost resources along with one-to-one coaching, and available to the new moms.

New moms can have access to the Newborn and Parenting Resources after their baby arrives and also their short-term disability claims have been approved. They can get the 8 weeks of services at free of cost. Eight weeks begin from the date the new mom gets enrolled for the program.

After getting enrolled for the Newborn and Parenting Resources program, the new mom is paired with licensed and highly trained professional trainer who has advanced degrees in child development as well as counseling. The coaches give support and assist moms to set targets, address concerns along with identify resolutions on the topics such as adjusting to their new baby, returning back to work, work and life balances as well as issues with elder siblings, nutrition and health, parent well-being and child development. Coaches are available though

  • Email
  • Online journal
  • Instant message chat and
  • Over telephone

Moreover, the new moms can get a one year subscription to the American Baby magazine and receive discounts on the products that can make their home safe for the newborn.

According to Nick Brecker, the president for the Life and Disability, WellPoint, it is irrelevant whether it's the first or the fifth baby, they understand that to make the transition from the maternity leave to the job outside the home is challenging. They want new moms to know that they provide more than just a benefits check. They provide new moms with resources that can help them easily tackle the transition from the maternity leave to work as well as becoming successful working moms.

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