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Social Security Pays Disabled

Social Security Pays Disabled

Most people don't like to consider disability; but chances to become disabled are much greater than you could think about. Researches show there is 30% chance to become disabled before retirement.

If you are disabled, social security is there to help you out. Social Security pays disabled. It pays the disabled people through its Disability Insurance Program. The program is covered by the Social Security taxes. Since, Social Security pays disabled; and being eligible you can get a benefit on monthly basis from the Social Security; as long as you are away from your job due to disability. The amount of benefit depends on your calculated lifetime income. After getting cash benefits for 2 years, you can also get Medicare coverage.

You can earn credits when you are working and paying your Social Security taxes. You need to earn certain numbers of credits according to your age to be qualified for getting disability benefits. Some of your works should be recent.

  • If you have disability before the age of 31, you should have worked for minimum ten years and at least five of the previous ten years.
  • If you have disability before the age of 24 years, you need to have one and half years of works in past 3 years.

Social Security pays disabled. Therefore, you should apply now, if you have any disability that can make you disable to work; since, it takes time to decide whether you are eligible for disability benefits. It normally takes 3 to 5 months to evaluate your condition and make a medical decision by the state agency. Once your application gets approval, the first Social Security payment will be paid for sixth full month following the date your disability started.

You can follow some steps to accelerate the payment process. The steps are as follows:

  • Read the company's online publication named Disability Benefits (URL: Entire information on the process along with the information you may require while applying for the benefits are available here.
  • Make use of the company's Disability Starter kits, which are available online. Kits are available at Kits are available in two formats; one for the adults and another for the kids. Every kit is available in Spanish and English. This kit will assist you by offering information on the particular documents as well as information the company may ask you.

You will be asked for more detailed information about yourself, after completing your online disability reports or during the interview

You can have a look at disability starter kit at, or you can call 1-800-772-1213 to request a kit to mail you.

After you completed the starter kit, you can apply for your benefits. Most conveniently, you can apply online. Just visit and apply.

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