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Health Discount Card

Health Discount Card

A health discount card is a convenient way for saving your hard-earned dollars on your dental, medical and vision bills. However, before you purchase one, you must know what you are receiving.

A health discount card is not a type of health insurance coverage. If you have your own health insurance policy or a policy through the employer, it may pay for whole or part of your healthcare expenses. If you've your health insurance through a PPO or an HMO, you will have some limits on which hospitals and doctors you can use, however, there will certainly be hospitals and doctors in you locality who are covered under your health insurance plan.

Health discount cards offer discounts on treatments from carriers who accept such cards. You have to pay premium on monthly basis for the discount card. To make the card worthwhile, you should save at least the costs of such premiums on your healthcare bills. You are eligible to use the card with the providers who agree to accept it. The card issuing company will provide you a comprehensive list of the participating providers. Prior to investing in a card, you must ensure that providers you wish to use actually accept it. In some states, it is prohibited for some providers to offer such discounts. For example, in Maryland, hospitals are not qualified by law to offer discounts; therefore, your health discount card would not be useful there.

A health discount card offers some particular benefits.

  • While you use such card, you will get a discount rate for the medical, vision or dental services.
  • Normally, there is no such waiting period prior to you can use your card.
  • Typically, there is no limitation on the pre existing conditions.
  • There is no deductible. You will get the discounted rate for the first time you use the card.
  • There are no limitations on how often you can use your card in any particular year.

Using a health discount card is so simple.

  • There is no claim form or paperwork to fill up.
  • There is no difficult reimbursement process for you as well as your provider.
  • You just need to give your card to the provider and pay the discounted price that the provider has agreed to.

You can use a health discount card just as a supplement to your present health insurance plan. For instance;

  • If you are belonging to an HMO and if you want to visit a doctor who is not a part of HMO network, you probably need to end up to pay entire or most of bill by yourself. If the doctor accepts the discount plan, you may save a good amount of money.
  • If you have any pre existing condition which is not covered by the insurance plan you have, you can then decide using your discount card to pay for the treatment.
  • You can also use your card for any procedures that are not covered by the insurance you have, like experimental treatments or cosmetic surgery.

Drawback of a Health Discount Card

The physician you want to visit may not accept discount card. Therefore, prior to investing in a discount card; make sure that your usual healthcare providers accept such cards. And, also before you start receiving treatment, ask your doctor and get informed whether you can use the card to cut the price. If you use your card wisely, you can save a lot of money.

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