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Affordable Ohio Medical Insurance

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Affordable Ohio Medical Insurance

Affordable Ohio Medical Insurance

As per U.S. Census, over 85% Ohio residents had medical insurance as of 2005. Over 12% had no insurance along with 14% below 65 years. While talking about affordable Ohio medical insurance options, we must consider the following points.

Inexpensive Ohio Medical Insurance

Ohioans that have medical insurance, either get it from their workplace or through government-run medical programs. But, for the uninsured Ohioans, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are the best options. There are individuals, who are able to pay for their insurance and interested to get policies with higher deductibles. Health Savings Accounts with the facility of high deductible are really good for the healthy as well as young people; especially who are looking for an affordable Ohio medical insurance.

However, such plans are not practicable for all. Ohioans, who are not interested in getting HSAs, must go for the alternative health plans and government-run health programs. They can also go for Open Enrollment Program irrespective of their pre-existing health condition; however, the program is expensive.

Ohio Healthcare Legislation

Ohio Insurance Department supports two of Ohio Legislature bills; Senate Bill 5 and Senate Bill 272. The department considers them as the way of extending medical insurance coverage.

Senate Bill 272 may eliminate Open Enrollment Re-insurance Program and Open Enrollment Program. These programs may be substituted by Ohio Medical Insurance High Risk Pool for the Ohioans, who are not able to get affordable Ohio medical insurance. This may abolish yearly open enrollment periods that are presently needed to hold by illness, accident insurance providers, medical insurance corporations and MEWAs. Ohio High Risk Pool may offer a fund for the Ohioans with no insurance. This would help insurance department to get at least ten times more Ohioans than it get from Open Enrollment Program.

Senate Bill 5 also known as House Bill 5 may help small businesses to provide health insurance plans, which don't offer advantages otherwise needed by the law. This bill helps the functionality of HSAsm, which are dependable on federal rules as well as fixes restriction on the insured person's liabilities for paying for co-pays and deductibles belong to a health advantage plan. The bill may also offer better choices for small business owners.

The Example of Massachusetts

Massachusetts House Bill 4850 was passed with overwhelming supports by state legislature in 2006. And, it required all the residents to get insurance by July 1, 2007. The Massachusetts' plan states the employers with over ten staffs and don't offer insurance would be required to pay a yearly fee of 295 USD per staff. Government provided funding to the private health insurance plans will offer inexpensive medical insurance to an extended number of working people with low income as well as people who are able to pay for private medical insurance will be charged with penalty on the state income tax if they go without insurance. Now, the question is if Ohio State wants to offer affordable Ohio medical insurance to all, then will it consider such plan? The Ohio Insurance Department thinks that they will watch and estimate Massachusetts' plan's accomplishment and endowment. Because of, Ohio has greater number of people without insurance and is not politically similar to Massachusetts.

Ohio residents have more options of affordable Ohio Medical Insurance carriers and government-run health programs. Irrespective of the insurance companies, it's very much needed for the Ohioans to get an affordable Ohio medical insurance plan.

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