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Risk Pool Claims Costs Differ

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Risk Pool Claims Costs Differ

Risk Pool Claims Costs Differ

Risk Pool Claims Costs Differ. Cost of insuring the Americans who have a bad time to meet the criteria for getting traditional health care coverage widely differs from state to state.

Analysts from the office of U.S. Government Accountability (GAO) have published state-by-state information on the claims costs for the individual risk pool members in a high-risk pool report created for the Democratic leaders of House Energy and Commerce Committee as well as the health subcommittee of the committee. The information has shown that the risk pool claims costs differ from state to state.

The entire report was sent to the Congressional leaders in the July'09 and already has been released to the entire community.

For whom the state risk pool programs work?

  • State high risk programs offer healthcare coverage to the Americans, who are not able to purchases traditional clinically underwritten healthcare coverage, because of their previous as well as present health conditions.

However, the risk pool claims costs differ state by state. And, the below-mentioned data from the U.S. Government Accountability report supports the fact.

  • Average claims costs for the high-risk pool members increased to 9,437 USD in the year 2008, from 6,795 USD in 2003.
  • At state level, the risk pool claims costs differ widely. Risk pool claims costs for West Virginia was $4,109 in 2008; while the cost was $16,252 in the same year in Washington State.
  • For a West Virginia high risk pool participant the average rate of monthly premium was $585; while the rate for a Washington State high risk pool participant was $538 in the same year.

The GAO analysts found that 34 high risk pools enrolled a total of 199,418 Americans in the year 2008.

The GAO analysts wrote that they estimate roughly 4 million more individuals are potentially qualified for an enrollment in a high risk pool on the basis of their health status as well as their pre-existing health conditions.

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