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The Way Healthcare Is Changing

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The Way Healthcare Is Changing

The Way Healthcare Is Changing

Harry Truman asked but failed several times to make Congress convinced for passing universal health insurance. Then, some of the officials from Truman administration came up with an idea to cover an especially sympathetic 8% of the total population; all of them are 65 and above. The process of healthcare reform was actually initialized at that time and from then healthcare has been changing gradually.

The way healthcare is changing is really significant. Truman never insisted but John. F. Kennedy later pushed the plan. However, it was obstructed by the American Medical Association and the Congress. Then it fell on Lyndon. In 1964, he won 23-point landslide; even then he had to be agreed to some of the improper deals; since Jonathan Cohn of New Republic has noted, that given a big payday to the doctors and hospitals.

And, then in 1965, the Medicare was born. That was the way healthcare is changing rather has started changing.

When the Congress will be returned to the session, healthcare will be the hottest agenda for discussion. However, passing a bill wouldn't be easier than in last decades. Obama's poll number has fallen, while fabrications about the death panels have made rounds and the members of Congress have been focused on town hall criticism.

However, the job of President Obama has not been changed really. He has to find ways to wind up the job like Johnson. He along with his Congress has to discover methods to solve the nation's disturbed healthcare system.

The bill they pass will be inevitably flawed. It would not do much to reduce extravagant spending and perhaps would not result in complete coverage. Special interests such as drug companies and hospitals will dismount very lightly. However, if the Congress passes a bill, millions of Americans can compose their own High-Risk Pool that includes people of all ages and all health status.

But this is what is called politics. Whether it is scratch with purely liberal bill or a conservative one, would not be able to change messy democratic reality. It can not fix the healthcare problem. But still you can not ignore the way healthcare is changing.

However, from an economic point of view we suppose that the healthcare of the nation will be unchanged and we will pretend we are as wealthy healthy and wise as much we are capable of; but we are not actually.

America is the single rich nation on this planet without proper universal health insurance. Healthcare costs have already taken the biggest whack out of employees' paychecks and the budget for Medicare is increasing at an indefensible rate. In spite of all these expenses, we often get in adequate and insufficient care.

Emergency-room care and specific cancer treatments in America are among the bests internationally. But, chronic disease management is not so good. A latest study found that the seniors as well as the children are not getting proper vaccinations in the United States which is unusual in other rich countries. The residents of America are more likely to be killed by medical fault or damaged by a medicinal error.

Although, healthcare reform is not the thing that can sort out all such problems, but there are enough reasons to think that the scenario will be improved. And, that is the way healthcare is changing - an imperfect restricted bill is far better than no bill.

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