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An Overview of Hospitalization Insurance

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An Overview of Hospitalization Insurance

An Overview of Hospitalization Insurance

You can have hospitalization insurance as a part of your existing health insurance plan or as a separate insurance package altogether. The main point of differentiation between a health insurance policy and hospital insurance is that hospital indemnity insurance or hospital insurance provides the patient with covers during hospital stays. Though some companies may insist on a certain deductible level being met before they start paying for covers, this type of insurance can provide you with a lot of financial support should you need to be hospitalized and incur substantial costs in treatment!

Hospitalization insurance may provide you any or all of the covers described below:

  • Boarding and rooms during your stay at the hospital.
  • Supplies required at the hospital.
  • Psychiatrist required in house.
  • Surgical, anesthetic and medical services required at the hospital.
  • Maternity and services related to childbirth.
  • Laboratory fees and X rays
  • Ambulance
  • Dental services required after an accident
  • Inpatient physiotherapy
  • Particular drugs
  • Surgery

Limitations under hospitalization insurance

You should note that most of the hospitalization policies will insist upon a maximum level allowable. They will pay you covers only to the extent of this maximum level. They may categorize such maximums on the basis of nurse care, surgery, costs of the rooms and time spent at the hospital. The insurance cover you opt for will also insist on separate such categorizations based on the different services you require. In such cases, you may have to deal with separate deductibles for each.

You may also get hospitalization insurance as a part of your existing health insurance policy. However, you should remember that it is not guaranteed. Some providers may insist on your informing them prior to being hospitalized. This is done to ensure that you need hospitalization and that you have the required covers in place. If you do not inform the provider before being admitted, your provider may not be able to reimburse your costs! You can of course opt for a separate medical insurance or hospitalization health insurance to ensure these covers. A number of companies may provide you these covers.

Hospitalization insurance is also provided by a number of states.

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