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Health Clubs / Gyms / Fitness Center

Health Clubs / Gyms / Fitness Center

In the new age more and more insurance providers are urging clients to join health clubs and gyms by providing attractive discounts and promotions, on memberships. Therefore it is pretty obvious that it is always a prudent decision to join a fitness center and improve our overall health as well as get into some shape.

However, it is absolutely imperative to check if basic amenities like sanitation, training and safety are of acceptable quality, otherwise, joining the wrong club for discounts could have detrimental effect on our health. Therefore it is important that we discuss, certain points which might let us know about such basic facts and help us take the correct decision.

Detailed Instructions and Guidance on usage of different equipments and facilities:

Certain points that one should focus are as follows:

  1. On joining staff member should provide with medical history questionnaire which records all past ailments and diseases you had or currently suffering from. In case it is something as serious as a heart problem, the exercise program should only be started post proper medical clearance.
  2. A new member orientation program should be conducted with you, to get you acquainted with various rules and regulations of the club, and correct usage of various exercise equipments.
  3. A specific exercise regime should be designed for you, which should be basis any health problems or physical constraints that you might have.
  4. Before starting the program your fitness should be evaluated and periodical checks should take place to measure the progress.
  5. At any given point in time, staff should readily available to attend to your queries and guide you with correct exercise techniques. For this availability of a trained instructor is important at all times.

Quality of staff members:

The quality of staff members should be such that they should be knowledgeable and equipped in handling issues regarding fitness and health, most importantly should be trained to provide CPR and first aid.

Instructors should surely be certified from nationally or internationally recognized institutions.

Usage of clean and safe equipments and facilities:

It is very important to check the condition of equipments that are to be used and the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the facilities.

Generally, most health clubs and fitness centers are licensed by state governing bodies; however they might not be closely monitored. So we should also check if these centers are certified a national organization which needs to maintain a specific level of hygiene, safety and ethics.

A health club needs to have regular maintenance procedure under any given circumstances. Broken equipments and unhygienic locker rooms might be signal about the poor financial condition of the club/center.

Following points might indicate towards the maintenance level of a club:

  • Routine cleaning procedures
  • Equipments should be cleaned after use-availability of things like paper towels /disinfectants should be checked
  • Facility should be spacious even during peak periods- Check for membership limit to control crowding
  • Exercise equipments should not be outdated
  • Equipment are well-maintained and not kept in bad conditions without repair
  • Written instructions should be attached with each machine
  • Mats and flooring should be clean and should protect anybody from injuries
  • Showers and locker rooms should look and smell clean
  • Pools and hot tubs should be well-sanitized
  • Rules for usage of pool/hot tubs should be mentioned specifically in the area
  • First Aid Kits should have adequate stocks

Security Measures:

Though Health Clubs usually post instructions to leave belongings in the lockers, it is imperative to check the safety of the locker area. We need to basically check what the club is doing additionally to protect our belongings.

Following things in a club can definitely ensure complete safety:

  • Security measures for entrance and exit of members and guests only
  • Parking Area security and lighting and availability of security guards of the area is unsafe
  • Child Care facility if any should be well monitored

However in case we still find problems, a word with the director directly is important. If problems still persist, matters can be escalated to the State Authorities who either regulate business in the area or those who monitor maintenance of sanitary culture.


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