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Health Discount Plans - An Overview

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Health Discount Plans

Some Useful Information on Health Discount Plans

No matter how much people really need health insurance, the prices are really getting to them. All over the world today it is the same story and people in the United States are perhaps some of the worst sufferers. Despite rising health risks, people are financially not finding it easy to buy coverage. That quite explains the foray of health discount plans into the insurance market. Created for the budget conscious, discount plans are a good choice for anyone who wants to avail a certain set of benefits by shelling out not more than is necessary. Unlike regular health coverage, discount plans keep it simple by allowing members to pay up on a monthly basis. Also, members can have the freedom to opt for the benefits they need right away. The company offering the plan gets into an agreement with participating providers so that members may get the advantage of lesser rates. No wonder these plans are so inexpensive.

So what are the most common varieties of health discount plans? The most common today in the US are dental plans. Following them closely are vision plans and plans aiming to provide chiropractic care benefits. Even prescription drug coverage is also gaining on popularity increasingly. You can choose from amongst these discount health plans depending upon your health requirements.

When youíre trying to steer clear from regular health coverage and veer more towards health discount plans, there is one important thing that you canít afford to forget. It is the fact that discount health plans and health insurance are not one and the same. Theyíre different in the terms of the protection each one offers. While traditional health coverage ensures security at times of adversity, a health discount plan does nothing of that sort. In fact a discount plan can be a good buy only when you anticipate no serious illness or accident in the near future. Since these plans offer no comprehensive coverage, they cannot protect you during catastrophic events.

A health discount plan is a good option if youíre looking for some medical benefits without expecting too many comprehensive advantages. The very first thing thatíll draw your notice to such a plan is its price. Usually, these plans are never above $70, mostly ranging between $30 and $70. Quite rarely will you come across a discount plan charging more than $100. Another advantage of these plans is that they do not consider your health status as a criterion for eligibility which means these plans are open to all. And no matter what pre- existing conditions you have when you buy the plan, youíre eligible to get the best of all benefits. Also, you become eligible to receive all benefits stated on the plan as soon as you sign up for it and get your discount card.


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