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More Preventive Health Care May Increase Cost

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More Preventive Health Care May Increase Cost

More Preventive Health Care May Increase Cost

On August 7, 2009, the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) reported that although the expansion of preventive health care may help in the development of a healthy society, but it will not allow the government to make any savings and instead of that it will lead to increased expenditure.

Douglas W. Elmendorf, the CBO director mailed a note to the leaders of House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders. Through this, he notified the leaders about the different evidences confirming that the expenses for offering services like cholesterol management, cancer screening, vaccinations, fitness training etc. will be much higher and far beyond the budget of the government, that is allocated for medical spending. Ultimately, the government will end up making huge expenditure and there will be no scope of making any savings.

Elmendorf admitted that costs of different preventive health care services are different but when the costs of all such services are calculated together, the net amount will be found much higher than that estimated.

To support his statement, Elmendorf referred to a survey report that was issued in a popular medicine journal in the year 2008. The survey findings stated that less than 20% of the tested preventive care services actually save dollars, whereas the remaining ones costs so huge that it surpasses the amount of the savings made.

Recently, several researchers of American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association carried out a joint study and discovered that the most commonly prescribed preventive health care tests like measuring blood pressure level for diabetic patients, cholesterol level monitoring for patients with cardiac disorders and other procedures, significantly decrease the probable risk of strokes and heart attacks in the patients from occurring any further.

However, these preventive care procedures also add up the total expenditure on medical services. This is because on an average, the eventual savings that would be made will compensate only 10% of the expenses on preventive health care.

The letter of Elmendorf directly challenged the claims that were put forward by several legislators, counting Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker. In the month of July, 2009, Pelosi claimed that if the government pays out money on preventive care procedures initially, then it would save huge amount of dollars at the end, which can be used for reforming the health care condition of the nation. But now it seems that the government needs to rethink over this issue once again, as the CBO director has emerged with these shocking facts.


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