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New Legislation Seeks to Minimize Youth Health Risks

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New Legislation Seeks to Minimize Youth Health Risks

New Legislation Seeks to Minimize Youth Health Risks

On August 13, 2009 Governor Jack Markell proposed a new law that aims in protecting the children of the state of Delaware, from any kind of health disorders occurring from internal tanning.

The legislation has been named Michelle's Law after the name of a young college student called Michelle Rigney, who died of skin cancer in the year 2008. It is believed that this new legislation will however help in protecting the lives of other kids and young adults from being affected from such dreadful diseases.

Skin tanning has become an important issue of concern. Many doctors and researchers are still searching solutions to protect the youths from its effects. Even Michelle Rigney devoted herself in procuring funding for the study of melanoma. This newly published bill may help in supporting the cause for which Michelle and other researchers have been fighting for till now.

According to the new legislation, kids who are below 14 years of age will not be allowed to visit tanning salons and use their products, except those who were specially recommended by doctors. Those teenagers, who are between the ages of 14 to 18 years, will only be allowed to make use of tanning beds unless their guardians or parents sign an approval letter permitting them to do the same. The bill demands that the parents' approval must be renewed every year. That pro forma would be needed to incorporate the different health disorder risks involved with internal tanning. Department of Health and Social Services has been entrusted to implement this new legislation.

Governor Markell has completely dedicated his newly proposed legislation to Michelle Rigney and her family for their contribution in the research of skin tanning and skin cancer. The aim of this legislation is to secure youngsters from the fate suffered by Michelle and several other young adults.

Senator Bethany, the chief sponsor of the legislation has felt the need to reveal all the information about the probable dangers of skin tanning to the young children, their guardians and parents. It is believed that revealing these details will help in raising awareness regarding skin tanning in the society, and will allow the youths to take precautions to counter skin cancer.

Skin tanning may occur depending on lots of factors such as the skin texture of the individual, skin type, sensitivity of the skin to U-V radiations and many others. The effect of U-V radiation on the skin can have worse effects and may even cause skin cancer in the individual.

Senator Bethany is also a nurse and a volunteer of the American Cancer Society and is thus well aware of the risks and dangers of skin tanning. She informed that many children and their parents are still unaware of it and they didn't want to agree that skin tanning can affect individuals at a very young age. For this reason she felt the need to spread awareness among the masses before it is too late.

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