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Obama Goes Online to Promote Health Reform

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Obama Goes Online to Promote Health Reform

Obama Goes Online to Promote Health Reform

On August 10, 2009, the President of United States, Barack Obama ultimately shifted towards using the internet service, in order to promote health care reform and defy the misleading facts that spread about the Democratic plans.

The website that was launched for this purpose, tries to contradict some of the accusations that were put forward by the critics, counting that the suggested amendments may lead to euthanasia, distribution of care, or finish off the Medicare program. As the legislators arrived home because of their August break and confronted cagey issues; the Obama administration in White House tried to quiet different uncertainties and strut for a torrent of allegations.

David Axelrod, the senior advisor of White House has announced that the President intends to inform all the residents of the nation about the real issues regarding the health care reform, and about the stability and protection they can avail through such reform measures. This information will be disclosed to the people in order to remove all the existing misconceptions that have prevailed over since a long time onwards regarding the health care reform.

In the year 2008, when Obama was campaigning for his presidential elections, he was accused of not being an US resident, along with many other false charges. In order to prove it wrong Obama launched a web portal and uploaded his birth certificate copy to falsify the allegation.

The political administrative officials of Obama invited supporters to the Congress members' offices to support the health care reform measures of the president. As assured about the health reform during the time of presidential elections, Obama now seeks to keep his promise.

Many people including former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, Radio celebrity Rush Limbaugh raised different allegations over the health care reform measures of President Obama. They also raised claims charging that the proposed health reform would do no good to the American residents and will not cater to their health care requirements.

Obama is thus using the online infrastructure to alert the citizens about the common misconceptions that were proliferated regarding his proposed health care reform. He considers the internet as a powerful medium to spread the right information to the masses.

Matt Flavin, who is the policy consultant for the Veterans Affairs of White House has assured that those citizens who were found to be entitled for health care (Veterans Affairs) will continue to remain eligible and will receive care accordingly, after the implementation of Obama's health care reform measures. He urged the people not to believe in any of the false claims, which say that even eligible citizens will be denied of health care (Veterans Affairs).

In the website, the different administrative officials of White House and those are in favor of the health reform proposals of Obama, have strongly challenged the other allegations that were claimed by several other officials. The president strongly believes that this website will also prove to be useful to accelerate his reform measures.


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