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Ogden Weber Chamber and Humana Partnership for Small Businesses

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Ogden Weber Chamber and Humana Partnership for Small Businesses

Ogden Weber Chamber and Humana Partnership for Small Businesses

Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce has endured a partnership with Humana Medical Plan of Utah, Inc.; in order to increase inexpensive accessibility to medical insurance. The partnership offers wellness-based discount health plan to the members of Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce with from two to 99 human resources.

Now, the members of Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce can avail an extensive range of health plan choices that also include Humana's widely popular customer-choice offerings consisted of high-deductible health plans along with HSA. The health plan choices also include conventional Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) with different levels of co-payments and deductibles. The participating members are also entitled to have useful health information and industry's top online tools provided by Humana so that they can manage the benefits, well.

Found in 1887, the company represents over 1,000 businesses, out of which 700 small businesses; within Weber County.

Dave Hardman, the president and CEO of Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce, said that the company persuades member businesses to offer exclusive discounts and other benefits to fellow members of Chamber to strengthen the relationship and generate business. He added that they are happy to have new relationship and chance to help the fellow members.

Mr. Hardman also said that the small employers are trying to find out ways to keep on offering reasonably priced medical benefits to their workers. The new health program provides the small companies with more and more options at much affordable prices; while buying medical benefits. Apart from providing medical benefits, this program also offers complete approach to the small companies to handle the benefits well.

Dirk Keyes, the president of Keyes Insurance Services, told that the small companies within Weber County wish to offer medical benefits to their staffs, but the raising healthcare cost is preventing their craving to do so.

Karen Leonardi of Fringe Benefits Analysts said that Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce has been requesting for such solution from the health insurers for many years. According to him, they are happy to see that the Humana has partnered with Chambers of Commerce, Utah to provide medical insurance to the small employers.

Mark Adams, the CEO of Ogden Regional Medical Center also said that they are happy to see that Humana of Utah offering such plan to the small business owners. He added that the Humana is a significant partner that provides such solutions and it has made an affirmative effect on business community since it entered into the commercial health insurance market two year back. According to him, Humana is representing a genuine commitment to provide alternate insurance options that can help Chamber members to save money.

Earl F. Hurst, Humana of Utah president said that they believe one of the greatest ways for the businesses to control the healthcare costs is for its workers to be knowledgeable health care customers. They actively work together with the companies to help them guide their workers toward ways to maintain their health costs.

This new program is provided by the Chamber-associate agents to the companies that are the Chamber-members to enable them to take more transparent and wise decisions for selecting a medical plan that suits their as well as their workers' financial requirements.

Small employee owners, who are members of Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce, may contact local insurance agents, who can assist them to get a quote. For more information, you can contact Humana Inc. at (801) 256-6200.

An overview on Ogden Weber Chamber of Commerce

Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce exclusively deals in Economic and Community Development. The merchant operates several projects to serve the Weber County business community by offering chances to enhance their business and make profits as well as contribute to add values to the community.

An overview on Humana Inc.

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Humana Inc. is the country's one of the leading publicly traded companies that offers health and supplemental benefits to over 10 million members. It's a full-service advantageous solutions provider that has been offering an extensive range of health and supplementary benefits policies to individuals as well as business community and government programs; for almost half a century.

It keeps on offering new opportunities to meet the varying demand of the customers. It is a flagship name in engaging different customers by providing guidance to enjoy the advantages of lower costs and better medical plans.

The investors can find more information on the company at the Investor Relations page of its official website http://www.humana.com. The website also contains copies of:

  • Most updated shareholder conference presentations
  • Quarterly income news releases
  • Business Governance Information
  • Securities and Exchange Commission filings
  • Annual information to investors
  • Calendar of actions (includes imminent income conference call dates and times, along with proposed interaction with research analysts and institutional patrons)
  • Replays of the latest income release meeting calls

Humana Corporate Communications
Ross McLerran, 210-617-1771


Ogden Weber Chamber of Commerce
Josh Goodman, 801-621-8300

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