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OptumHealth Widens Allocation of Financial Services

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OptumHealth Widens Allocation of Financial Services

OptumHealth Widens Allocation of Financial Services

OptumHealth Inc. has recently declared that it is spreading out distribution of the financial services to meet the rising demands for tax- benefited health accounts, COBRA administration assistance and combined billing services. OptumHealth is doing the job by means of an extension of the agreement it has with A.D. A. M. Inc., the nation's leader in providing online employee advantages and healthcare administration solutions.

OptumHealth's financial services are part of A.D.A.M's complete and inexpensive array of resources that it offers to over 6000 employers to let them meet their staff's healthcare expenses.

According to Kevin Noland, the president and CEO of A.D.A.M. said that they have chosen OptumHealth for its experience and range of healthcare financial solutions. Moreover, by the agreement they can offer their Benergy consumers useful resources to let them meet the rising demand for COBRA advantages and tax-benefited health accounts.

Chad Wilkins, the CEO of OptumHealth Financial Services, said that by increasing their distribution of financial services through A.D.A. M connects two important resources to assist the employers to maintain their staffs' health and productivity. The resources are Education, through which the employees can take better and well-informed healthcare decisions and Health Accounts, through which they can arrange, save and disburse out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. He also said that this agreement is also well-timed since they can assist the customers of A.D.A.M to navigate alterations to COBRA plan approved by Congress and sign into law by the USA president in the month of February.

Those alterations comprise a fresh federal government grant covering up to 65% of the total COBRA premium claimed to certain qualified people who lost their work by involuntary retirement from 1st September, 2008, but eligible to keep on getting insurance coverage through COBRA or otherwise didn't opt for while first entitled. These kind of financial support and requirement of enormous newly jobless individuals have stimulated a key surge in workload for benefits administrators managing COBRA advantages.

This agreement will also assist A.D.A. M to meet the rising demands for Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts and other tax-favored accounts. Presently, FSA administration is accessible through the joint venture. In the month of May, A.D.A. M customers had access to HRA and HSA administration.

As per America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Center for Policy and Research, almost 6 million USA residents were insured by HSA-qualified plans in 2008, which is an increase of about 40% than that of from 2007.

OptumHealth Financial Services is a fully-owned department of OptumHealth, Inc. it provides tax-favored accounts for medical expenses and savings as well as incorporated electronic claims settlement resolutions for medical plans, benefits administration services and third-party managers and other spender groups. It comprises OptumHealth BankSM, a member of FDIC, nation's leader in HSA administration.

An Overview on OptumHealth

OptumHealth Inc. assists people to navigate through the healthcare system, funding their medical expenses and meet their health as well as well-being targets. Its customized health support and involvement programs bond an exclusive arrangement of capabilities including behavioral solutions, care solutions, financial services and specialty benefits. It is country's leading wellness and health provider that serves over 60 million Americans. OptumHealth is a UnitedHealth Group company. For in-depth information on OptumHealth, please visit www.optumhealth.com.

An Overview on A.D.A.M. Inc.

A.D.A.M traded on NASDAQ as ADAM is one of the leading health info and benefits technology solutions providers that serve employers, healthcare companies, individuals, and learning institutions and benefit agents. A.D.A.M.'s Benergy™, is a foremost benefit communications and medical decision support platform for medium and small employers. It is specifically designed to help the employees to know their health well-being and benefits, even better. It also helps companies to reduce the healthcare costs and benefits management.

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