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PIP Insurance compared against MedPay Healthcare Plans

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PIP Insurance compared against MedPay Healthcare Plans

PIP Insurance compared against MedPay Healthcare Plans

'No-Fault' state dwellers will have to go for PIP or else MedPay health insurance. This article compares the two plans thus giving a detailed report to the customers.

People who are residing in 'No-Fault' states of USA will either have to buy PIP (Personal Injury Protection) or have to go for MedPay (Medical Payments) health insurance policies. Both these plans offers coverage for your medical care expenses incurred. Also, it offers coverage for the other travelers present inside your car, if inured during the time of any accident.

In case your vehicle insurance comes with MedPay, then you will need to follow certain guidelines before claiming compensation. If injured during driving or by your car accident, then you will need to pay for your medical treatment initially. However, make sure to take receipt of the bill of the expenses incurred from the hospital or the physician who treated you. Submit the receipt to the insurance provider who offered you insurance and within a short period of time; the compensation check will be sent to you by the insurance company, upon processing your claims. If you have MedPay, then you must notify the hospital administration or the doctor who is treating you; that your car insurance will compensate the remaining expenses, incurred for your treatment.

Several insurance companies permit their customers to choose their own coverage, i.e. either MedPay or PIP. Regardless of whatever health injuries you face for your car accident (if happens), you must use it to compensate your medical bills initially. This is because few of the insurance providers refuse to provide you cover, until all the PIP or the MedPay benefits are used up by you.

'No-Fault' state residents do not require purchasing both PIP and MedPay together, as PIP offers coverage equivalent to MedPay and even further than that. However, PIP requires you to upfront 20% of your money as deductible, but MedPay relieves you of that.

The logical and required costs for surgeries, dental, medical and chiropractic therapies are being covered by MedPay. In addition to this the costs of hospital stays, X-Ray exams; nursing, funeral and ambulance services are also being covered by it. In case you have a HMO or medical insurance, then however you don't need to buy MedPay.

PIP offers coverage similar to MedPay but pays for further services like physical or occupational, mental rehab services and therapies. Also, it offers coverage to lost salaries, demise cases and others. However, it may sound that PIP is one of the best-buys because of its added benefits and coverage options, but customers are requested to check the offer documents carefully, before subscribing for PIP. It must be mentioned that many a times; MedPay is another popular vehicle insurance benefits program that comes to you at a cheaper price than PIP, in addition to offering added coverage to your car passengers, who may get hurt during your car mishap, even if they are not within your family.

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