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StreetWise HSA for Educating Employees on HSA Plans

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StreetWise HSA for Educating Employees on HSA Plans

StreetWise HSA for Educating Employees on HSA Plans

Companies try to shift their workers to different HSA plans to cut the costs. They use different products to do so. StreetWise HSA(SM) is one of such products. It is designed to educate employees on HSA plans.

StreetWise HSA(SM) is the nation's first inexpensive customized platform for workers HSA education. Very recently, it has been launched nationwide. With StreetWise HSA(SM), now the employers can positively transit their staffs to HSA plans as well as cut costs per employee.

Features of StreetWise HSA(SM): The Inexpensive Customized Employee HSA Education Platform

It provides an online health savings account calculator that has been customized according to the designs of specific health plan, costs of premium and HSA contributions of every employer group. The platform integrates co-pays, plan deductibles and coinsurance along with out-of-pocket limit, category-precise coverage caps, and category-precise deductibles. The workers can estimate their savings with an HSA plan within few minutes.

It consolidates and incorporates major decision-making info that mainly includes the health insurance providers, the employer and the HSA trustee. It lets the workers easily understand and be at ease with HSA medical plans.

It arranges onsite meetings for the spouses in a superior quality, 24x7 available ways. It plays important role in employee adoption. StreetWise HSA(SM) incorporates employer-specific FAQs, a customized multimedia HSA demonstration, employer-specific registration instructions and HSA street guide; an in-depth orientation database about HSA rules and regulations, instructions on how to utilize HSA medical plans on daily basis.

Since, the nation is going through recession and the health care costs are getting higher gradually, the employers feel that they should opt for some alternatives to facilitate their employees. They understand that they need to shift their staffs to consumer-driven medical plans (CDHP), for instance HSA plans. According to the survey conducted by Mercer, the percentage of companies that are offering Consumer-driven Health Plans to their staffs would be doubled by the next year. Almost one-fifth of the total respondents are interested in adoption of such plans. HSAs require paying about 25% to 40% lesser premiums than that of conventional health plans. So, the employers can save huge amount of money every year per worker, if they opt for HSAs.

Proper education can help employers transit their employees to inexpensive HSA medical plans. According the latest survey conducted by AHIP, HSA plans were offered to about 60 million employees; out of which only 6 million (10% only) employees opted for such plans. StreetWise HSA(SM) could play active role in educating the employees about HSA plans and its benefits.

StreetWise HSA(SM) is obtainable in two packages; Basic (free) and Premium. However, as an introductory offer, for the initial year, StreetWise HSA(SM) Premium Package is available at completely free of cost at Normally the subscription amounts range from 40USD to 200 USD per month, as per the employer size.

An Overview on Manning & Napier Information Services (MNIS)

StreetWise HSA(SM) is a product of Manning & Napier Information Services, established in 1995. Since its establishment, MNIS has been offering number of unique technology and services to thousands of customers that include the U.S. government, Fortune 500 companies and small and medium-sized business owners. The merchant is experienced in employee education and benefits management.


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