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UNC System Desires to Enhance Health Care

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UNC System Desires to Enhance Health Care

UNC System Desires to Enhance Health Care

A huge argument is going on in the town halls present throughout the nation, regarding the formulation of a public health insurance policy. Alternatively, the officials of the UNC (University of North Carolina) system are planning to devise a health plan that would enhance health care and will also help in the expansion of health insurance coverage to the uninsured students, towards the beginning of the academic year 2010.

The officials are trying to offer improved coverage at the most economical rates for the sixteen school campuses that lie within the system. They strongly believe that this feat can be achieved by controlling the purchasing power of the system, to buy an introductory health insurance program that will be utilized by each of the campuses.

In majority of the campuses, it is mandatory for the students to possess health insurance coverage. They are entailed to buy the health plan accessible from their campuses or they are required to show to the campus authorities (as per the schools' hard-hitting regulations) that they possess a health plan already, the coverage of which is usually provided by their parent's health insurance, in most of the cases.

Already thirteen school campuses have lined up to buy the student health care plan under an association.

The three schools that have not joined the association are

  • Appalachian State
  • N.C. State
  • UNC Chapel Hill

The officials of the UNC system visited all the 16 school campuses counting the 3 schools mentioned above, and invited them all to unite under one common medical care provider.

At present, a wide variety of student health care plans are provided by the school campuses that also vary in cost from one another. The maximum amount of benefits, for instance, offered by such plans, ranges between $5,000 and $250,000, whereas the amount of deductibles that are paid by the students for owning such plans ranges between $0 and $250,000.

The UNC system thereby adopted the following goals in this regard:

  • All the 16 schools were suggested to go for a fundamental student health plan. It will aid in bringing uniformity, in comparison to the wide-ranging health plans that are currently being provided at the 16 campuses.
  • Increasing the accessibility to quality health care to every student, by making the plans extremely affordable.

A recent analysis conducted in this regard proved that a huge amount of money can be saved by deploying the system's purchasing power to buy student health care plans.

The UNC system authorities remarked that those students, who receive coverage through their parent's health plans, cannot stay completely assured of being insured all the time. This is because most parents' avail insurance coverage from their employers and considering the recent increase in unemployment, employees (parents) can loose their jobs and simultaneously their insurance anytime.

Therefore, students must stay covered under their own insurance plans. With the launch of the student health insurance program of UNC system, each and every student will be able to afford the coverage as the rate of premiums will be much lower than the usual. Today, the campuses under UNC system are arranging for provisions to offer financial assistance to the poor and low-income families students', with which they can pay their insurance premiums.


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