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Cancer Survivors Suggest Do not Wait

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Cancer Survivors Suggest Do not Wait

Cancer Survivors Suggest Do not Wait

According to local medical personnel, the argument on how frequently a woman needs to get mammography proves how the healthcare matters become an issue for political conflict while the government is concerned.

Recently, a federal team suggested that women should have started their routine mammography at the age of 50; instead 40, which was recommended in past. The team also suggested conducting mammography every alternate year, not every year. Even though, the suggestions are not federal policy, but it often influences the decision of Medicaid and Medicare. However, Cancer survivors suggest do not wait till 50.

After a couple of weeks, the United States Senate realized the unpopularity of the task force's recommendation; especially when the Cancer survivors suggest do not wait till 50. And, the Senate instructed government to leave behind those recommendations. Senate also made an alternation that directs government as well as private insurers to provide coverage for

  • Mammography
  • Pap test

Moreover, they can not charge anything to the patients for such tests. Hopefully, the alteration will be included in the next healthcare bill.

Healthcare decisions should be taken by the medical professionals as well as the patients. Politics must not interfere into medical affairs; like the federal team suggested starting routine checkup for cancer at 50, but the Cancer survivors suggest do not wait till 50.

However, it's a bit suspicious whether the insurance company will provide coverage for specific tests following government mandate. An individual must be eligible to opt for any private insurer, but putting mandate on the insurance companies may cause rate hike.

Actually, all the states have already mandated private insurers to provide coverage for different medical exams and procedures.

According to a report by National Center for Policy Analysis,

  • Over 12 states need medical insurance to provide coverage for acupuncture and marriage counseling.
  • Over half of states need medical insurance companies to pay the costs for contraceptives.
  • Seven states need insurers to bear the expenses for toupees and wigs.

The Council for Affordable Health Insurance evaluates that such compulsions could raise the costs by almost 50%.

A non-profit medical plan estimates that GA implements nearly 30 compulsions on the private insurance companies and needs group insurance plans to provide coverage for things like treatments for infertility, chiropractors, Chlamydia test, and contraceptives. These compulsions may raise the insurance cost by up to 20%.

Possibly, huge mandates in 90s are key factors that increased the healthcare costs.

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