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Clogged Arteries Relieved By Piercing Device

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Clogged Arteries Relieved By Piercing Device

Clogged Arteries Relieved By Piercing Device

Bonita Bennerís artery on a leg was clogged by a huge hunk of plaque. A new medical device succeeded in removing it in 31 seconds. The man behind the invention watched the Crosser Catheter work on Bennerís leg. It was performed simultaneously on a number of other patients at Las Palmas medical center.

Blocked arteries are a common plight among El Pasoans. For this reason, increasing inventions are being put to use to find a way around it.

Benner is part of these medical tests. Her doctor told the 86 year old that the arteries in both her legs were choked and that this was preventing the blood from flowing properly. This in turn was causing a weakness in her legs.

Bennerís cardiologist, Dr Joseph Quintana used the cross catheter to drill through the plaque, while Henry Nita, the inventor of the device, looked on.

The Wild Cat device ploughed through clogged arteries of patients in Sierra medical center in June this year.

The National Institute of Health estimates that around one in every 20 Americans who are over the age of 50 have Peripheral Arterial Disease. This refers to clogged arteries in the legs. Experts believe that high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol aggravate the problem.

The treatments used to clear the blockages may vary between the catheter used on Benner to the more complicated surgeries performed on other patients. The doctors believe that patients can walk almost normally as soon as the arteries are opened up. Benner had the same procedure on her right leg a few days back. It brought the strength back into her limbs and gave her immediate relief.

The catheter used is about 1.1 millimeters thick. It was passed through the artery and activated so as to create a path through the plaque through its high frequency vibrations. The main advantage of this technology is that it does not harm the healthy tissues. A balloon was used to prop the artery open and a stent was also used to keep it open. It can be used for the heart also.

Blocked arteries can cause amputations. They also make a patient more prone to strokes and heart attacks. Doctors say that you should take care when you feel a pain in your legs while walking or see a loss of hair on them. Blockages in your heart can show up as breathlessness and chest pain. Be especially careful if you have any of these risk factors:

  • Over 50years of age
  • Smoker
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • A history of heart disease, stroke or vascular disease
  • If you are ethnically more prone to it- for instance if you are an African American.

Symptoms may vary between fatigue, cramping in the legs to sores and wounds on the toes, legs or feet that heal very slowly. You may also experience coldness in the feet and slow growth of nails.


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