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Consumers Flock to Red Grape Based Seeds

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Consumers Flock to Red Grape Based Seeds

Consumers Flock to Red Grape Based Seeds

A pill derived from red grapes that packs in all its powers and nutrients is creating waves. The pill is being sold by a Sewickley based company.

The pill was released by Vinomis laboratories on the website of the company in June. The company sold off about $10000 worth products within the first five days of its launch. The pills are being produced at a plant based in South Carolina. They are based on medical findings by the Harvard medical school. Studies suggest that resveratol, a chemical derived from the red wine grapes improve the condition of the heart and memory. It also reduces diabetes and cancer risks. It is the most potent of the chemical known as polyphenols. The owners of the company selling the pill believe that consumers are willing to take a chance with the pill because of the number of benefits being provided by it. Red wine grapes are well known for the powerful anti oxidant properties and it is a powerhouse of vitamin C.

The chemical is popular at a number of medications sold at health shops and pharmacies. Though the effects of resveratol on humans have not been established yet, there is an increasing agreement on the benefits of this chemical. Studies have so far concentrated on the effect of the chemicals on animals. Dr. Tod Cooper however said that the compound found in these grapes is very intriguing and provided some effects which were quite interesting. However, he also said that it was too early to predict the exact benefits before they came to know about the nature of its side effects.

Vinomis has a web programmer and a marketing executive. It routes all online orders to the CCQ Fulfillment Inc. it is then shipped from a warehouse in Chicago. Most of the profit is taken by Vinomis. It however, pays a royalty to the original company which in turn pays a royalty of 5-10% to Harvard.

Vinomis laboratories is having active discussions about selling the pill together with GNC. The company was started with only $100000. Juliano, a former marketing executive at Fore Systems Inc. said that he, together with other team members of Vinomis started the company with a mere $100000. The partners of the company are Bill Watts, who was a former chief executive at GNC, David Sculey, an ex chief executive officer at Heinz USA. Jeff Bost, a clinical instructor at UPMC and Donahue are also partners at the company.

The author of the book’ the longevity factor’, a supporter of the health benefits of resveratol, is one of the advisers to Vinomis.

There is also help in the form of investors who were cardiologists, neurologists and a number of other specialists. Juliano felt that additional investors would be very helpful in clinical trials.

The pill is expected to catch the fancy of the population, as and when clinical trials are completed to satisfaction.


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