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Divorce and Family Health Insurance Plan

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Divorce and Family Health Insurance Plan

Divorce and Family Health Insurance Plan

It is the shared property like house and bank account that remain on the front burner at the time of divorce. However, as Kelly Ausley-Flores, a certified family law attorney puts it, family health insurance must be among the primary concerns during the divorce decree, especially so if the couples do not have their children or else the spouses are individually covered with health insurance. In the mélange of different things included in the divorce suit, health insurance coverage is not given its due importance and sometimes remains out of consideration. This is a grave mistake made by people.

If spouses along with their children have health insurance plans, then the federal law makes them eligible for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation (COBRA) health insurance. That means the insurer may provide the benefits of COBRA for a period between 18 and 36 months.

However, there are certain points that must be taken care of by a spouse to avail of the benefits of COBRA health insurance. One must know the period for which the COBRA benefits are available from the insurer. You also need to know the cost of availing the benefits and ways of paying off for the COBRA plan. In the new scenario where you and your ex-spouse are going to get the benefits from the insurance company, it is important to know everything for the policy. It must be made clear that the insurance company is obliged by the federal law to provide you COBRA policy.

Another important point to be considered by couples is to inform the insurance company of their divorce within a period of 30 days from the day of granting of their divorce. Make sure that the insurance company is informed about the divorce grant through a certified letter. According to Kelly, after the 30 days period, the COBRA policy automatically gets annulled and there is no obligation for the insurance company to provide the benefits. Hence, it is highly recommended not to miss the 30 days period, otherwise there could arise a huge problem to avail of the COBRA benefits.

One particular case to note is when there is an amicable divorce. The Federal law in this situation declares that the ex-spouse cannot remain on a healthcare insurance policy after the divorce is granted. Hence, it will be wiser for the couple to file their divorce suit that provides enough time to get all the benefits of COBRA and then go for another health insurance program.

It seems planning for a wedding is much easier compared to divorce that puts a spouse to overcome not only the financial aspect but the emotional constraint as well.


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