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Experts Advise Cuts in Tobacco Use

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Experts Advise Cuts in Tobacco Use

Experts Advise Cuts in Tobacco Use

A new state plan has advocated rapid cuts in the tobacco usage of Oklahomans, so that their usage comes down to the national average by the year 2012.

About 1/4th of Oklahomans use tobacco. It is a higher figure compared to the national average of about one in five.

The rate of tobacco use among Oklahomans has come down in recent years. However, there is still a long way to go before the health of Oklahomans can be improved by cutting down on the tobacco usage. This is especially relevant for those who have been exposed to secondary tobacco over the years. A lowering of the rate of tobacco usage to one of the national level would result in the number of users going down by 200000. This was a plan by the state health departmentís Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Advisory Committee. It is led by Terry Cline.

Almost every household in Oklahoma has had a loved one die of tobacco usage. This makes it more pertinent for everyone to get involved in the process of banning tobacco usage.

The committee is urging Oklahomans to make the homes and cars tobacco free and to discourage its usage in a number of ways. They are advising withdrawal of sponsorship to tobacco campaigns and to forbid its use in public places.

Janet Spradlin, a member of the tobacco committee said that every Oklahoman has the right to be protected from inhalation of secondary smoke from cigarettes.

A law was passed in 2003 forbidding smoking in restaurants. However, it made allowances in the way of installing a smoking room in the restaurants. This was a loophole that is to be filled in by health officials.

Tobacco use kills more than 5800 Oklahomans every year. A recent federal study put Oklahoma in the fifth position for the amount of tobacco related deaths in the country.

The recommendation forwarded by the report includes:

  • Repeal those legislations which prevent stronger city laws compared to the states.
  • Forbid free sampling of tobacco products.
  • raise state taxes on tobacco

Tobacco is one of the leading killers in the world. The use of tobacco has been related to cardio vascular diseases, lung problems and cancers of the mouth and lungs. Not only is it harmful for the person actually smoking, it is also dangerous for people who inhale it on a secondary basis. In fact, it has been said that secondary inhalation of cigarette smoke is even more dangerous compared to the primary use. This is because there is no filtration of the smoke that is entering the lungs of the individuals inhaling it.

There have been a number of campaigns aimed at cutting on the use of tobacco among people and discouraging its advertisements. While there has been a favorable response in most states, it remains to be seen what effect they have on Oklahomans.


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