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Finding Health Insurance When Unemployed

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Finding Health Insurance When Unemployed

Finding Health Insurance When Unemployed

For those who are unemployed, finding health insurance seems to be an overwhelming maze of affair. There are many healthcare options available for the unemployed individual to get medical coverage. It must be noted that a critical difference exists between job loss insurance and discount health plans for the unemployed.

Options available for the Unemployed Individual

  • Make use of COBRA, which allows an unemployed person to get health care from the insurer of the ex-employer. Ex-employees can continue getting the health care benefits for months after the termination of their employment. It must be noted however, that COBRA is quite an expensive medical coverage for the unemployed.
  • One can buy online unemployed medical insurance or else from the health insurance office of the local agent. It must be noted in this regard that only reputable websites on health insurance should be used to purchase individual health insurance.
  • Over 40 states provide unemployed insurance coverage through continuation insurance. This type of insurance is similar to COBRA and is meant for the ex-employees who worked in companies with less that 20 people. The eligibility criteria for this insurance differ by state.
  • Unemployed person can make use of Conversions of healthcare insurance of ex-employer. A policy holder can convert the benefits of unemployed group health plan into individual insurance policy if the insurance group health plans provide conversions facility.
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) offers guaranteed two health insurance policies to the unemployed if they are eligible for job loss insurance. One can check with the state department for insurance to find about the eligibility criteria for getting unemployed medical insurance.
  • In over 30 states, high-risk pools provide health insurance for those unemployed people who are otherwise not eligible for health insurance coverage.
  • People who are eligible for low income status can avail Medicaid to get healthcare for themselves. It must be noted that Medicaid guidelines differ by state.

Benefits for Prescriptions Costs for the Unemployed

One can look forward to a good number of benefits for meeting the high cost of prescriptions. These include:

  • Prescriptions assistance, available as unemployment health benefits through a pharmaceutical company. This kind of assistance provides those without insurance the benefit of meeting prescription costs.
  • Those unemployed individuals having COBRA, individual health insurance policy or some other kind of insurance can make use of mail-in prescription benefits, if they are available. This kind of benefits comprises the worth of three months medicine for the price of the worth of one month medicine at any local pharmacy.
  • One can check with the local pharmacies to know the different discount drug plan benefits or any health care coverage that are available with them for the unemployed. Many local pharmacies have started their own discount drug plans having some great value that are meant for individuals and families. This is done to compete with the national pharmacies as well website services.


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