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Government Watches Out For State Readiness on Swine Flu

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Government Watches Out For State Readiness on Swine Flu

Government Watches Out For State Readiness on Swine Flu

The Obama administration is watching out for the preparedness of the state governments, as swine flu threatens to create a mess in the states.

Swine flu stories may have reduced in news papers in recent times. However, it still manages to infect more and more people abroad. The influence of the disease is said to be worsening as fall temperatures aid in its proliferation. The federal government called on every state health and education department to check on its preparedness in handling further cases of the flu. They are also looking into likely vaccinations and deciding on tackling flu hit schools.

A summit is to be held that focus is on the preparedness of the state governments. Experts feel that the most important thing is to be prepared for the flu. So far, it is estimated that around I million Americans have been infected with the flu. The scientific family name of the flu is the H1N1 virus.

It is important to note that the flu affected cases usually go down with the high heat and humidity of summer. However, the swine flu virus has not shown any indication of abating. The flu is being spread at summer camps through schools and a host of other means. The deaths from this virus have already touched 170 in the US. The disease has also spread to the southern hemisphere and is causing problems there because it is the flu season in that region.

In the US too, the danger has not abated. Even if the virus does not mutate very soon, there is a chance that there will be a spate of new infections when students go back to school in the cold weather. The low temperatures are likely to bring in cases of the regular flu also. Experts warn that the fall this year will be an administrative nightmare as the states gear up to fight new cases of the disease.

The greatest concern for the administration now is to find the right number of health workers who can administer the vaccines. The vaccine drive, scheduled to get under way near about October, is to administer nearly 100 million plus doses of the winter flu vaccine. However, experts warn that these winter flu vaccines are unlikely to work against the swine flu.

Manufacturers are expected to provide test samples of a new swine flu vaccine that is to be tested for safety and efficacy. If they are proved safe and effective, the obama administration will go ahead with plans to launch the second phase of swine flu vaccinations. They will also need to decide who goes first in the launch of the vaccines.

Authorities are also struggling to decide whether the parents can afford to stay away from work even more, after the time they had to spend at home looking after sick kids.

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