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Group Health Insurance Plans

Group Health Insurance Plans

To find whether the coverage received from health insurance is right for one's family, one has to make a thorough comparison of the different plans that are offered by the employer. This way, one can select the plan that provides better health care needs for their family. One can compare the present policy with the policy brought out in the next enrolment period. Certain differences are likely to be present in the different plans offered by the employer. It needs recalling here that the health insurance policies that employers offer come with an open enrolment period, with the option to add or drop dependents.

To find whether the health insurance policy is right for you, there are certain basic points that need to be checked. These include the premium cost, benefits and services being offered, the annual deductibles, and the highest benefit expected from the policy. You also need to find the difference of co-pays for availing services for the different policies.

The next step in finding a better group healthcare insurance is to find the different recurring expenses that need to be borne by your family annually, like physical therapy, regular check-ups for well-being, examination of eyes and eyeglasses, chiropractic services, among others. Find the co-pays and other benefits offered in the different policies.

One has to consider whether there is coverage in the healthcare policy for mental health and the different services that are offered. Find whether there is a cap on the number of visits that could be undertaken in a single year and if there is any need of referral for availing counselling or therapy from a medical professional. You also need to find the cost of co-pay while visiting a mental health office.

One important consideration to note in the different policies is the provisions that are available for prescription drugs. Check to see whether there are choices available to fill with generic, formulary or non-formulary drugs in the prescriptions and what are the cost differences. Also, make a comparison of co-pays for prescriptions.

You also need to find the provisions offered for women's health in the different policies. Find the cost involved and the coverage provided for different women wellness exams. You also need to know the details as provided by the policy for such treatments like infertility, hysterectomy, and different gynaecological issues.

Pregnancy and childbirth necessitate special consideration when it comes to group health insurance policy. The services offered during this time vary in the different policies. Hence it is important to find about the different health cares that are covered in the insurance policy. The HIPAA of 1996 states that pregnancy cannot be taken as a condition of pre-existence in health care plans at the time of open enrolment period. If a child is born or is adopted in the family, there must be a new enrolment period for the new member of the family to be added to the plan.

In case of grown-up children, the family health insurance plans in most of the cases provide coverage for full-time students who are below 22 years or else, till they pass out from their college. However, there are some plans that do not bring under the coverage dependent children as they turn 18 or 21 years and do not cover these children. For non-dependent children, the COBRA insurance policy could be availed that provides coverage for these children for 18 to 36 months.


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