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Health Insurance for Diabetics

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Health Insurance for Diabetics

Health Insurance for Diabetics

There are 21 million American adults and children who live with diabetes. Many of these individuals do not have any health insurance coverage and thus stop them from accessing supplies and medications to control the disease and prevent any further complications. Health insurance for diabetics can cover the specialized medical care needed for controlling diabetics. To stay healthy, a diabetic must have access to regular supplies of test strips, insulin and meters. These can be easily met if one has diabetic health insurance. However, there are many options available for Diabetic health insurance that can provide the much need coverage to meet the cost of controlling the disease.

Options Available For Diabetic Health Insurance

People with diabetics can purchase COBRA and HIPAA that are available across the country. However, the aspects of diabetic insurance differ by states. The options available also differ from people to people.

There are presently thirty states that provide high risk pool and people with diabetics can make use of the risk pool. In this regard, the person has to visit the appropriate office concerned in their state. The following are the states having high-risk pools that provide diabetic health insurance.

  • Alabama Health Insurance Plan (AHIP)
  • Arkansas Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (CHIP)
  • Cover Colorado
  • Florida Comprehensive Health Association (enrolment closed)
  • Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ICHIA)
  • Kansas Health Insurance Association
  • Louisiana Health Plan (LHP)
  • Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA)
  • Missouri Health Insurance Pool (MHIP)
  • Nebraska Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool (NCHIP)
  • New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool (NMMIP)
  • Oklahoma Health Insurance High Risk Pool (OHIHRP)
  • South Carolina Health Insurance Pool (SCHIP)
  • Utah Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool (HIP)
  • Wisconsin Health Insurance Risk Sharing Plan (WHIRSP)
  • Alaska Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ACHIA)
  • California Major Medical Insurance Program (With a waiting list)
  • Connecticut Health Reinsurance Association (HRA)
  • Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (ICHIP)
  • Iowa Comprehensive Health Association (ICHA)
  • Kentucky Access
  • Maryland Health Insurance Plan
  • Mississippi Comprehensive Health Insurance Risk Pool Association (MCHIRPA)
  • Montana Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA)
  • New Hampshire High Risk Health Insurance Pool
  • Comprehensive Health Association of North Dakota (CHAND)
  • Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP)
  • Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool (THIRP)
  • Washington State Health Insurance Pool (WSHIP)
  • Wyoming Health Insurance Pool (WHIP)

There are laws in forty-six states that have made it mandatory for health insurance programs run by the states to include coverage for diabetes. The states that do not have this law are Alabama, North Dakota, Ohio and Idaho.


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