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Health Insurance for Military Personnel

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Health Insurance for Military Personnel

Health Insurance for Military Personnel

The Health Insurance for Military Personnel provides medical coverage to all the active duty members working in the armed forces, army reserves as well as veterans of armed forces. These kinds of insurance policies help the policyholders to get medical coverage even while working in foreign soil at times of war. The different types of military health insurance coverage available for the armed personnel and veterans depend on the health of the individual and other criteria.

Different Types Of Military Health Insurance

The following types of military health insurance are available for the military personnel.

VA Benefits

The VA Benefits are meant to provide coverage to all the eligible veterans of the armed forces of US. The Benefit Package includes health insurance for preventive and primary care and complete outpatient as well as inpatient services. The health care benefits include:

  • Basic Care
  • Preventive Care
  • Regular Medical Exams
  • Maintenance of Profile Related To Drug Use
  • Mental Health Services
  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Outpatient Medical and Surgical Healthcare
  • Inpatient Hospital, medical as well as surgical Healthcare
  • Coverage for Prescription Drugs, including surgical and medical supplies
  • Emergency care facilities
  • Providing Durable medical equipments along with prosthetic and orthotic devices
  • Home health services
  • Pregnancy and delivery services
  • Respite, palliative and hospice care

It is a managed health care system that is meant for all the active and retired members of the military armed personnel and their families of US. The survivors of armed medical services who become ineligible for Medicare and Activated Reservists under federal orders who are on duty for over 30 days are also eligible.

The health care benefits available with TRICARE include:

  • TRICARE Prime - In this option, the Military Treatment Facilities are the main sources to get healthcare.
  • TRICARE Extra - This is a preferred provider option that helps the enrolee to get health care outside of Military Treatment Facilities.
  • TRICARE Standard - This healthcare option provides the enrolees to get medical care from an authorized TRICARE provider.
TRICARE Reservist Select

It is a new TRICARE health plan that is provided to few members of the Reserve Component including Army National Guard, Navy Reserve, Air National Guard, US Coast Guard Reserve, Army Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve and Air Force Reserve. The duration of coverage is from one year to four years and depends on the time of active duty. One must also fulfil certain requirements to be eligible to qualify.

Agents Orange

The Vietnam veterans having type 2 diabetes qualify for disability compensation. These veterans are presumed to be exposed to Agent Orange or some other kinds of herbicides. In 2000, the department of Veterans Affairs added type 2 diabetes in the list.


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