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Health Reform Plans of Obama Upsets Hospitals

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Health Reform Plans of Obama Upsets Hospitals

Health Reform Plans of Obama Upsets Hospitals

The liberal Democratic leaders in Congress has found a way out to cut down health insurance expenses and extending coverage to nearly 47 million uninsured residents of United States. The solution is to set up a new government-aided public health insurance program, a project that requires 1 trillion dollars to get implemented.

A discussion on these health care issues was organized by Greater Belleville Area Chamber of Commerce on August 24, 2009 at Lindenwood University. In this meeting, the panel members remarked that this governmental health plan is loaded with possible problems that may put the hospitals as well as the health insurance industries at tremendous risk.

Mark Turner, the CEO and the president of the Belleville Memorial Hospital, was also present in the forum revealed the potential troubles that would be faced by the hospitals. He said that although the big business establishments can easily provide the new government-aided health insurance to their employees but the problem is that, this health insurance program covers only 91% of the actual costs incurred for the hospital services. This is comparable with 130% of the actual costs that is paid by the private health plans.

As per Turner, the new public health plan will jeopardize the existence of the employer-based health plans that dominated the health insurance market since years.

The reform measures of US president Barack Obama is yet to be introduced and this has caused a lot of uncertainty among the Medicare beneficiaries. This is because the ultimate effect of Obama's health reform plans on these senior members is still unknown.

There are other things that need to be dealt with. They are like:

  • The summer recess period of the federal legislators will be ending soon by the first half of September 2009.
  • Officials are worried about the fact that whether or not the president will be able to reform the health care condition of the nation and make health insurance coverage affordable to all.

Paul Gada, who was the other member present in the health care meeting, has recommended extreme caution on the forthcoming proposals (that is still yet to be formulated and declared) to reform the health insurance industry of the nation, that comprises nearly 1/6th of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of United States. The legislators were thus requested by all the forum members and officials who were present in the health care meeting, in order to formulate a steady reform plan that would be beneficial for all.


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