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Looking For Private Health Insurance

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Looking For Private Health Insurance

Looking For Private Health Insurance

Buying Private health insurance requires a lot of research. After all, not getting the benefits of your health insurance in the middle of your health crisis is the worst thing to happen to you. You need to know how private health insurance works, how to buy private health insurance and the cost of private health insurance.

How private health insurance works

The private health insurance is underwritten in most states and is based on age, smoking status, weight and health history. There may be cases, where the applicant has to go through medical examination before getting health insurance coverage. It is enough for such small pre-existing condition like asthma to make the insurer hike the premium amount, while those individuals having a history of depression or anxiety might make the underwriter to take a second thought. And those individuals who have heart disease, diabetes or cancer will find themselves completely without luck when it comes to health insurance of their own. It might be that some plan could turn out to be very expensive or else have conditions attached to it that stop you from getting coverage for the very ailment you went for insurance at the first place.

Health insurance is controlled at the state level. There are states like New York, Vermont and New Jersey where it is mandatory for the insurers to cover every applicant, irrespective of their age or health condition. However, the important point to note is that the premiums charged are quite exorbitant. Young healthy men, whose insurance is considered to be the cheapest, are charged at a minimum of $1,000 per month.

Again in states like California and Florida, the insurers put very little restrictions on insurance coverage. Here, the premiums are considerably reasonable in case of young people while for older people, it becomes costly. However, the problem is that the insurer can squarely deny you of insurance coverage. In this situation, an individual looking for private health insurance can purchase costly policies from state owned high risk pool. These policies however, are not cheap and any pre-existing conditions will be excluded from the coverage. In this regard, one can visit the web site of the state insurance commission to know more about the rules of the area.

How To Buy Private Health Insurance

If someone has the choice to purchase COBRA, it is wise to sign up for it. COBRA is a federal law that makes it necessary for specific employers to offer their former employees the choice to buy health insurance. It will be wise to keep the health plan of the former employer for the complete 18 months. Although, paying the full premium out-of-pocket may be difficult, but it is quite cheaper than purchasing on your own.

In the period of COBRA, it will be smarter to look for the next plan. In this regard, one can search the internet and look for different policies. One can also meet a local insurance broker.

The Cost Of Private Health Insurance

To keep one's premiums at manageable level, one should increase their deductible and leave out vision and dental coverage. However, one must not go beyond what is affordable each year. Never try to have similar plans as that of the former employer. There are some benefits that are important to include while some can be lived without.


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